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Monday, 20 July 2009


Masa Assassin

Kirk you darn chinese food snob :P haha I love the story leading into to post. Its always difficult to answer the whats the best insert food here______ in San Diego question.


Funny antidote. Never tried this place before.


Hi YY - I hope it wasn't this bad!!!! BTW, I'm still waiting for those tamarind wings......

Hi MA - The thing is, everybody thinks they have an answer!

Hi Ruby - I don't think you're missing anything.


This was one of the first places I tried when I moved to SD. Never went back after that first time. Doesn't look like much has changed. I really hate the overly sweet, goopy sauce stuff, even for my sweet tooth. Loved the story!


I've seen this place for years, and I've decided that I haven't missed much.

Your NY ABC story is too funny!


Oh man! As soon as you mentioned all the local Hawai'i choy suey places, my belly started to rumble!!! Kaimuki Chop Suey is still my favourite - beef chow funn all the way! :)


Hi Carol - That one dish was waaaaay too sweet!

Hi Sandy - I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Hi Kathy - You know, right now, I'm missing all that stuff......


I've met people from NY and parts of the East Coast. Their idea of Chinese food is very different from what Chinese food is on the West Coast. I've never been to NY, but after reading your post, I'm guessing that our East Coast counterparts probably think that good Chinese food is a sit-down version of Panda Express or Pickup Stix. I wonder if my counterargument of being born in Hong Kong, grew up eating mom's authentic Chinese cooking and having frequented SF/Bay Area Chinese restaurants would have silenced NY-Chinese Guy. I'm sure he knows good Italian food though.


Hi GFG - I gotta kinda disagree with you on this one. Places like NYC have such diverse offerings in such quantity that just thinking of it is staggering. For Chinese food Flushing is a great example. My point is that genetics and geography as the lowest common denominator when it comes to cuisine does not make a discriminating eater.


Man, the last time I ate there I was about 5 years old. I'm 25 now. I don't remember too much, but when we lived in Clairemont we would pass it almost every day. Its like a landmark almost.


Hi Andrew - I've been told that this place, and Mandarin Wok have been around forever.......


I like ABCD food.
We're frequenters of Panda Country, because the House Special Shrimp works perfectly for us.
The problem is figuring what else to order and I havent found a good second dish yet, so we usually get two orders of HSS.
My husband has been eating there, that dish, for nearly 25 years. Tastes differ, I guess.

Jack & Terry

First went here in the late 80's. It was known as Panda Inn back then until the Panda Inn from LA invaded. A judge said the LA group had the name first so it changed the name to Panda Country. There are two locations, Clairemont Mesa in San Diego and in the Vons center in Santee. We prefer the Santee location. Everything is made on the spot.It may not be the best food around, but it is much better than the average chinese restaurant in the San Diego area.

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