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Monday, 22 June 2009



Awesome! You know I thought it would help if I read this after I had lunch but nope. I'm drooling and hungry again. Boy that mackerel and octopus look good. And the grilled duck breast looks fatty delicious!


That was unexpected but it sure was interesting.The octopus suckers is AWESOME the first time I had it I was so surprise it sure is worth the money.


you guys are *killing* me! This looks like an amazing feast was had by all... Putting this on my list.

Judy Lee

suckers! mmmmm....

ed (from yuma)

Yeah, Micaela, it was an amazing feast - sorry for the drool, Carol.

And yeh, Judy and billy, it is nice to be able to literally say to someone, "have you tried one of those little suckers yet?"


I have GOT to get back to Okan. I just adore that place.

Oh, and I wanted to tell Cathy-- There's an asparagus farm not far from here where the owner told me that asparagus plants tend to produce fatter spears the younger the crowns are. The younger the crowns, the sweeter and more tender the asparagus will be. He said this varies somewhat with different varieties, but is generally true of all asparagus. The caveat is that the really young plants can't be heavily harvested or they will die, for the first couple years, even though that's when the spears are sweetest. So, it's kind of a balancing act for asparaugs farmers. Who knew?


ahhhh, there's that gobo root salad again! looks like such a great meal and how cool that you all were there and co-authored the post. Okan has so many interesting looking dishes - a feast to be remembered...

ed (from yuma)

Yeh, fh, that salad is amazing. It was alot of fun getting together.

Thanks, Amy, for the info about asparagus - Cathy and I actually had an asparagus discussion that evening. I love the fat spears, but only when very fresh, because I think they dry out more quickly. Also the fat ones are better for stir frying.


Hi everyone. It was a wonderful meal and only the second time the three of us have dined together.

Thanks for the info, Amy. I think I will have to do a taste and preparation test the next time I see asparagus on sale.

Andy (美國土子)

How much was this meal?

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