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Monday, 08 June 2009



Hi, Kirk!

It was a great pleasure to eat with you. The pad see ew made a fine breakfast the next morning!


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I've ever seen this blog go out of its way to be a shameless attention grab. It started off with some recipes, some food-related experiences, and one couple's (soon to be many more with FOYs around) restaurant going adventures. Yup. Color me confused as well.
I'm a fairly adventurous eater, but even in places around San Diego I can be a bit intimidated (or just puzzled) at what to get. mmm-yoso's helped me get a picture (oh ho ho) at what I'm getting myself into.
Shine on you crazy diamonds. My stomach says thank you.


some people never have anything nice to say...

I'm so happy Pad See Ew is one of your go-to dishes, it's one of my favorites and I agree that it's a great test of the kitchen's skills -- to cook the vegetables just this side of raw, and to cut/slice them so they're not too heavy for the noodles, and to not overcook the noodles, and to balance all the flavors... ahhhhh. I love me some good Pad See Ew. The best I've had was at a place near work when I lived in Portland. It was always packed at lunch and early dinner, so imagine my surpise when it changed hands a few months after they opened! Sab E Lee's is pretty good, but not the gold standard I desperately crave.

That duck dish sounds fantastic... and I agree that those definitely look like conference room chairs, LOL.

mrs zompus

O dear, how silly and inexperienced that one person on SeriousEats seems to be with Asian food in San Diego. There's nothing fake-Asian about your blog, or the places you visit. God forbid they be normal places, that normal people go to, to get an affordable awesome bite to eat.

Oh well. It was great to finally get to eat with you & I'm looking forward to next time. Confession: I don't actually think the Pad See Ew made it to breakfast, I think I ate it all for a midnight snack...


I think your blog is great! If I ever get to visit San Diego, I will follow your reviews. Keep up the good work!


Don't worry about it, Kirk - some people just don't get it :)

I've never had the holding back the heat problem - I think in the UK if you say "Make it spicy" they see it as a challenge ...


Ah Kirk! Having had the singular pleasure of meeting you in person that comment is just way to amusing! I just WISH we had enough eateries around here to try to write about! ;o) When are you and the Missus heading our way? We are building treehouse accommodations. There's a few photos of the starting phase on my blog. Last Day of May 2009.


WTF - forgetaboutit. I enjoy it period.


Don't you love it (not) when some yahoo just reads one or two posts and makes erroneous assumptions about you? Granted, your blog does lean towards Asian cuisines. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld would say!) But if there's anything that impresses me, it's the breadth and extent to which you try different types of cuisines at hole-in-the-wall establishments to the outrageously extravagant. Your blog has definitely expanded my culinary horizons in SD. Rock on, Kirk. Forget the haters.


Hi Mr Z - The pleasure was all mine.

Hi Xaintrix - Thanks so much for the kind words.

Hi Micaela - For me, it's the wok hey that the Pad See Ew at Sab E Lee has that does it for me.

Hi Mrs Z - Aaaah, so the truth comes out! ;o) Actually, the thing that bothered me the most was the total ignorance that commenter had.

Hi Kat - Thanks!

Hi Meemalee - Here, most Thai places are afraid to offend. It's something that needs to be fixed.

Hi Jo - The problem is having enough vacation time to make all the trips we want too. I'll zoom on over to check out the photos in a bit.

Hi Billy - I have....I just thought the commenter was a bit ignorant.

Hi Toshiko - I don't think the person was a hater, more than just plain ignorant. San Diego's food gets a bad rap because of folks like that.


hi kirk
sounds like someone's been drinking some haterade...forget those people! if they're that narrow minded, it's their loss. your posts are always informative and very very eclectic. always an entertaining read! it's not just "asian" places you go to. sigh. they just don't get it...

ed (from Yuma)

To be singled out at Serious Eats really is quite something. Too bad some clueless poster had to belch something negative. Oh well, I thought that Caroline handled him pretty well. And what's with "Asian"? Like the dude thinks that Asia isn't real.


That duck dish is making me sooo hungry! I'll add them to my list of "to tvisit" when I'm in that area next time.

I suppose we shouldn't get too upset when simple folks (you know, morons) try to convey their pseudo-erudited sentiments in the only way they can. They are the reason why the rest of us are to the right of the bell curve, right?? hehe.

Kirk, I've had the pleasure of breaking bread with you (and Cathy!) and I don't think "ego" is any word that I could ever use to describe you. I'd use "Brad Pitt" before I use "ego." :-D They're all just jealous cuz mmm-yoso gets so much love.


Hi Kirk, it was a pleasure to witness your large appetite at Walmido recently but definitely no ego going on here.. Cheers,


Hi CC - Too bad, huh?

Hi Ed - Like Cathy could be worse, he could have used the word "Oriental"....

Hi Carol - Never thought of it that way.

Hi Dennis - Larger appetite than ego....I kinda like that!


yummy looking duck!

Well, you know we appreciate your frequent posting and we know for a fact that you don't do it to feed your rather humble ego =)


I want to try duck!!!


Ouch. I hate how people feel they can say such mean things in a post which they probably would never dare say outloud. I'm glad Caroline set the him straight in her comments though.

The food looks so yummy. I'm craving Thai food now.


i found it funny that mr anonymous dismisses your review selection but then recommends ponces! ugh. talk about brown sauce overload...


congratulations on being pointed out on serious eats, that's very cool! btw, I think that lame commenter goes where the local paper tells them to eat. I like mmm-yoso because you go to uncharted territories.

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