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Wednesday, 24 June 2009



Hi MA - Now how many stops would that take??? ;o) Whew, I'm tired just thinking of it.

Hi ETE - Yes, that pale color really made an impact, the contrast to the other wongs made it stand out even more.


i've had a lot of s&p'd fried things but never a chicken wing....


hi kirk
yeah - the owner was so nice too. bert ordered wings for my bday party from him back in april...that's such an awful thing to happen to someone...and you're right - he was found in t.j. in his car but was murdered elsewhere


Hi Santos - It's a kind of San Diego thing.

Hi CC - Yes, we used to see him all the time....really very sad.


I now live in Los Angeles, but grew up on the salt-n-pepper chicken wings from Royal Mandarin (still a sentimental favorite!), but recently had some from Mandarin Chinese... very little difference to me. Also, price should be a consideration in the rankings.

BTW; can anyone tell me where I can find a place that makes these in the Los Angeles area? I've tried several places in Chinatown, but unfortunately nothing comes close!


Hi Cstu - If prices mattered A&D would be #1, it was the cheapest. The prices really only differed by a dollar or so at the most. If we did price, than should we do can see where this is headed. I wanted to determine which chicken wings folks enjoyed the most, not which was the cheapest, or who give the largest portion sizes.
Funny you should mention location, I've never had any good S&P Chicken wings outside of the National City - Chula Vista area. I do find that strange.


Do you have the recipe for the chicken? I have been trying to make them for years...but it never turns out.. There is no where in the North County to buy these wings...and I drive so far to get my!!!


Does anyone have the recipe for Royal Mandarin wings???????? I'm trying to make it....and my wings and batter taste and look nothing like the chicken :(


Ahahaha. Not a day goes by when i dream of wings just like the ones in Natl. City.

Pittsburgh sucks when it comes to Chinese or Asian cuisine. :{


Hi Danielle - I hope you're able to get back to San Diego and get some wings soon!


Kirk, it's been a long time but have you tried the S&P Chicken Wings at "Liu's Chinese Restaurant" in Nestor down in the South Bay? The yelpers are giving it decent marks and say its comparable to the wings from Royal Mandarin. Might be something to try out the next time you're down there near the drive in on Coronado.


Hey RCLC - How are you? I hope all is well. I actually have the place on my's just that I don't get down there enough! Maybe this weekend!


There needs to be an update to this, given this survey:


Not quite sure about that list can actually find some of these places under my Chicken Wings category.

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