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Wednesday, 24 June 2009



Interesting. I have not had these before. Funny how you had to go all the way to chula vista/national city for them


hi kirk!
i just had some really good sisig at Sinugba in Daly City...will post eventually!

anyways, what a cool taste test - i'm not surprised by the results. the mandarin place by the now defunct henry's in c.v. is my fave wings place (either that or the mandarin on telegraph near vons- i think this is the one where unfortunately the owner was murdered in tj)!!!! mandarin's are my fave and it's only 5 minutes away from my house!!! score!


everything looked great! except #4 too "white"


Hi Kirk! Sorry, missing was the bucket of water and leg warmers but I'll remember props for next time!?? ;) The biggest surprise for me was that I was craving wings as early as that same night! Glad I took some home. Anyway, it was a very fun day.


How funny had about a 100 wings with a group of friends just this past weekend.


Crud, now I want wings. So how about another wings test for places north of the 8? Oh oh, I hear someone mumbling, "Oh God, does this mean you're going to drive to every one of those places to try the wings?!?!"


I guess you heard about the tragedy at Mandarin Canton which I thought had great chicken wings.

So sad and I hope they find the criminals and reopen soon.


I love this challenge! Guess what I'm going to have this weekend?


It was a tough job, but someone had to do it, right?

Royal Mandarin is our go-to place for the salt and pepper wings. We picked up wings for two recent parties, and people couldn't stop eating them. Maybe one day we'll give the other places a try.

As Stephen said, it's funny how all these places are down south.


haha veyr nice!

Green Turtle

Any good wing places in the Convoy St area? How much do these party trays typically go for?


Haha, never underestimate librarians...and I thought Dennis's interpretation was very authentic.

Thanks for inviting me, I had a great time!


This tasting was a blast, as was the karaoke jam afterward! Thanks for inviting me!

I was really surprised by the results too. I never noticed the texture of the batter on the Golden Chopsticks wings, until we tried a whole bunch back to back. Looks like I'll have to make it down to Chula Vista more often...


Hi Kirk,

Thanks for inviting us! The leftover wings made a fine plate of fried rice later.


What a fun idea! The wings look so good..I've got to go try them out. Strangely, I haven't been to a Filipino party where they serve salt and pepper wings..


What an intersting "chicken off." My favorite place for Salted Pepper Wings is Panda Palace. Light and crispy and only freshly fried up with tons of spice and flavor. The other places taste like they refry their chicken more than once. Ick.


Just toss a rock anywhere in National City and you'll find a Filipino spot with great wings. Filipino garlic wings are to die for!!


Hi Stephen - That's where the "good wings" are.....

Hi CC - Mandarin came in tops. BTW, they believe that the poor guy was killed in the restaurant and than driven to TJ.

Hi Kat - Yes, much too white....and kinda soggy.

Hi Dennis - Oh, that's why I didn't recognize's the leg warmers! ;o)

Hi Billy - And so did I!

Hi Carol - That's going to be a mighty short list.

Hi Tina - That was the one I mentioned with the link at the end of the second paragraph.

Hey Jack - Ummm...peanut butter and jelly?? he-he-he.....

Hi Sandy - They are the most popular....probably because they were the first. I like them the best as well.

Thanks TMAH!

Hi GT - What you're seeing is just two orders of each. I put everything into those trays so folks wouldn't recognize them easily. You'll get 10-12 wings in each order for about $6.25 - $7.95. I have the Royal Mandarin catering sheet in front of me, so here are some of the prices:

Small Tray - 40 pieces - $21
Medium Tray - 60 pieces - $29
Large Tray - 120 pieces - $55
X Large Tray - enough for a whole school of turtles - 150 pieces - $65

Hi Jenne - Thanks for coming. And I'll never, ever underestimate a Librarian again!

Hi Howie - I had a blast as well.

Hi Mr Z - Fried rice, what a great idea!

Hi Kirbie - Funny thing is; I've never been to a Filipino party in San Diego that didn't have these chicken wings!

Hi Ruby - personally, I think PP puts too much of that wonderful flavor enhancer in their's also kinda on the sweet side sometimes. And I think the oil was bad, cause these tasted like shrimp chips!

Hi Caleb - Just make sure it don't go through their window....I'm sure they've got some pretty hefty chopping implements.

Masa Assassin

Hey Kirk that sounds like so much fun one day we need to do that with tacos :P Thanks for the research

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Amazing. So much salt and pepper chicken wings! We like these too but don't eat it too frequently. I like the combination of the salt and pepper, as well as the crispy, yummy batter.

I can see why you rated the Golden Chopsticks place lowly. Those wings don't look very appetizing and are missing the golden color. How can a place called Golden Chopsticks end up with food that isn't golden, I do not know :).

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