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Tuesday, 02 June 2009


ed (from Yuma)

Too bad. The place looks like it has possibilities. Do you remember how good the tongue used to be at Boo-cho, with that wonderful smoky flavor?


too bad it didn't produce...hope it picks up on flavor or it may not last very long there...


Hi Kirk, sounds like a promising place.. Did you get to peek at the nabe menu?


that shishamo looks good -- it's too bad about the other stuff. (tho i do love a good chicken skin!) maybe they're still trying to work out the kinks and it will improve?


Hi Ed - You haven't had the Gyutan from Yakyudori yet, or Tsuruhashi.

Hi Kat - I'm hoping it's just getting things straight.

Hi Dennis - There's tons of potential. There were three items on the Nabe page - Chank-nabe, which was what I was interested in, Sukiyaki, and one more that for some reason I can't remember. Minimum two orders about twenty bucks a head.

Hi Angelle - I hope you're right.


I'm also a Roller Coaster enthusiast, and it is usually a no-no to try to catch a ride on opening day. There are always kinks to be worked out and you'll be lucky if it doesn't break down a few times before you get a ride...that and the crew usually doesn't have their stuff down and so capacity will be way low.

That being said, it is pretty difficult to resist when presented with the opportunity. So I don't say that I can blame you. :) LOL regarding the smeltsplanation.


Hi Jan - You're absolutely correct....though they've been open for a couple of weeks already.


"I've had worse..." isn't very reassuring. The tongue, shishamo and nabe-rooms sound so intriguing! I need to go exploring for the good stuff like that!

mmm-yoso reader

Beef tongue.......mmm

Along with kidney, some my favorite offal. lol

Too bad can't eat it too much got tons of sat. fat and cholesterol.


Hi FH - I'm hoping they get things a bit straightened out.

Hi M-Y R - Tongue is indeed delicious....but like all things, moderation is best!


Mmm, the nabe of Sumo Wrestlers! Could the third have been motsu nabe?? that would entice even me to go out for dinner.. :)


Hey Dennis - No, I would remember that, and for some reason I don't think they'll do that. I believe it was some pork or something. We'll just have to go and check it out! ;o)


Boy, Kirk, this post was an education for me! I had to look up most of the Japanese words you were using.

In my Internet Travels, I looked up Robatayaki and now I very much wish that this place, or somewhere else in San Diego, would do a good one!

Upon looking up Robatayaki Roppongi, a restaurant in the Roppongi District in Tokyo, I found a most extraordinary dining experience that would put Benihana completely to shame!


Hi MrM - There's nothing quite like that in SD. You can, however get some decent Yakitori from Yakyudori in Hillcrest, and a few grilled items from Sakura. If you're in Vegas check out Raku. In LA there are a few good palces as well.


Hi Kirk. You've listed the wrong phone#. (The number you listed is a residential number. The poor guy said he's been getting a lot of calls.) The correct tel# for Oton is 858-277-3989.


Hi Toshiko - Thanks for the heads-up. I fixed the ph#


Hey Kirk, sorry to hear you didn't get to try the nabe. It really is the main event, so to speak. I had the chanko nabe and it was the best part of the meal.

All Hiro told me about the gyutan is "it's made differently (than Okan's)" so I'm assuming not using the binchotan is part of the difference.

I understand your feeling about the taste of the food. It's like 80% good, almost there but not quite haha.

I think it's Taka-san's first time as a head chef so he's still finding his style.


Hi Saint - Yes, I still need to try the nabe! The restaurant is quite nice, so I'm hoping the food will eventually match the design.


sounds like you're down on this place.

what does james beard know about japanese cuisine? he experiences it through the eyes (and mouth) of a non-japanese person.

oton is the real deal. raku is too ... just different chefs, different styles.


meant to type "they" when talking about james beard. main point is that it always makes me laugh when non-japanese think because they know yuzu and ponzu (and not just california roll) that they can review a japanese restaurant properly. i've been fairly indoctrinated into the food scene there as my wife is traditional japanese, and i'm still a novice.

ankimo at oton isn't as bad as review makes it out to be. in fact, when we went there, it wasn't smooth and waxy like most but had that pleasant pate texture that is so hard to find - depends on the season i guess. was mildly fishy, but it's monkfish liver after all. definitely not on par with japan but not bad for US.

absolutely don't get the tea service there, however. i made the mistake of thinking that because the restaurant was on the more traditional side that there would be at least one person who could make tea in the place. my wife's matcha is flawless, so it's hard to drink at a restaurant ... but a) our matcha was COLD!!! and b) it was not frothy at all!!!


everything else there was fantastic.

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