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Monday, 29 June 2009



$20 min for cc's? Not allowed by Mastercard or Visa :)


lol! "So you come here all the time...." (stuuuupid!)

Whew, I would have never made it past the first bite on that lamb dish.

My mom used to love Hunan Pao Cai and peanuts. She would vary on the peanuts between boiled and pan-toasted. Sometimes she would just have these as a snack.


Hi Mixx - Not my problem......

Hi Carol - Apparently, the conversation was much more funny in Mandarin as the Missus was cracking up.

ed (from Yuma)

Don't think I'd want to try something too hot for you. That's for sure!


My mouth was burning just reading the text and seeing the pix!

Btw - The address on the bottom of the post says "San Diego"


the perspiration was running down my face just reading this! hope you had some fro-yo or something afterwards.


lol! I wish I could have heard the conversation. According to the Mister, everything sounds funnier in Mandarin.


Yum! I love pickled veggies and boiled peanuts! Those fiery dishes look great but I would've been crying by the time I got outta there! My poor tastebuds just can't handle all that heat even though they do try!


That did look really SPICY!


well, from now on, I'll beware of restaurants bearing little dishes of boiled peanuts.


As if its not hot enough here broke a sweat trying to finish reading it, ouch more please.


Hi Ed - It was very tasty though.

Hi G - Thanks for the heads up.

Hi Kat - We did nned something to cool off....

Hi Carol - I agree with the Mister.....

Hi Cookie - Kudo's to you for trying.

Hi Melissa - It was mostly that last dish. They weren't kidding when they said "big spicy".....


Hi Billy - Man, I wish I could share that dish with you. ;o)


yep, if it's too hot for you, I wouldn't touch it! those seeds look deadly...


Hi FH - That dish was very spicy....but you know what? I'm ready for more.....


lol for the longest time i knew that this place sounded familiar but i couldn't figure out why. then i remembered you talking about it when i read the words "big spicy" that last dish looks great tho...i was drooling as i was looking at it.


Hi Sawyer - You should try it out....and see how Big Spicy suits you!

Andy (美國土子)

kirk.. you always seem to know what to order.Your dishes seem to have a definite Hunan character. Last time we came it was an ordering disaster.

Hunan Chili king also has a sister restaurant on Garvey called Heng Yang.


Hi Andy - We just use what little knowledge we have of the cuisine to guide us.

Mr Zhang

You appear have capcaicin overdose. You can recook it with some rice wine to neutralize the chemical.

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