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Monday, 15 June 2009



I've got a serious Portillo's craving right now. Have you tried their new-ish locations in Buena Park or Moreno Valley? I'm scared to try, lest they be below Chicago standards.


they sure looked good! I'm gonna have to try a chicago dog soon.


Hi Vicki - No I haven't had the up to those standards will be difficult.

Hi Kat - This one was just meh......


Wow that bright neon green is always a little scary. The beef sandwich looks pretty tasty!


I love Chicago style dogs! Too bad the weiner and bun was not good. Bummer. But look at all dem meat on the sandwich.


Hi TMAH - That neon green relish is a must have for Chicago Dogs.

Hi Carol - That was a heck of a lot of roast beef....

Eat. Travel. Eat!

That Chicago dog looks ultra colorful! It's almost scaring me. The neon green relish looks more fit for a drawing rather than a hot dog. In general it looks big and yummy :).

I'm happy that the broth was a bit murky for the beef sandwich. A good sign that they didn't just use a mix (made it fresh probably?).


Hi Cliff - I truly believe that it is canned stuff that has been dressed up a bit. You can't have a Chicago Dog without the neon green relish!


Man, I've been looking for a good Chicago dog. I found one at Boll Weevil recently which was ok. Any recommendations for a good place?


Hi Liz - Not really, all of them had at least one thing that I didn't care for. Here's a retrospective post.

Good luck, and let me know if you find a good one!

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