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Thursday, 11 June 2009



Ed, I just love reading about your sushi experiences. It's like I'm almost there with you when you describe them. Looks like another terrific meal at Kaito.

The video of the knife sharpening with the waterstone on Kaito's site was pretty cool. I love knives, especially Japanese knives. I dabble in hand sharpening the few meager knives I have so it was very interesting to watch his technique.


Great photography, ed. I feel like I was there. Now I'm hungry!


What did this meal cost? Anyone have an idea?


If fire squid taste kinda porky I know exactly what you mean. It must be very distinct such as pork. Every notice that just boiling a piece of rump roast with salt just smells so so good. Sushi sure does look tasty.


Great post! I was also curious about the price....

Never saw East coast clam like that. Approaching Urasawa level here?


Hee - I liked "For dessert, I was served six pieces of toro roll with green onion"

The firefly squid look so pretty. Were they raw?


Great looking stuff! I too am curious on how much did it cost?

ed (from Yuma)

First, for all who asked, the bill came to $77 - and that included a glass of good cold sake. Spendy, but it was my splurge dinner for the month.

The firefly squid were raw and very fresh tasting. I have had a similar small squid once from Sakura (probably not the same species - and not as good) but these were incredibly well cared for. If I'd been told they had been caught off San Diego that afternoon, I would have believed it.

As far as Urusawa, Chris, I have no idea, but this was good. The same or similar East Coast clam was served to me at a previous meal. I can't help identify.

billy, the taste wasn't as distinct as pork, but my mouth isn't trained for that flavor.

Carol, Cathy, thanks for the nice words.


Awww, I regret reading this post when I'm watching my mercury intake. Everything looks fantastic, I want some!


What a wonderful post. Encinitas? Who knew? I think this place may have anniversary potential for us.

ed (from Yuma)

Lori, I think it would be possible to have sushi that lower down the food chain than tuna. I'm no expert, but things like the squid shouldn't have much mercury.

Thanks Jan. It is a special place restaurant, for sure.

Judy Lee

OMG, Kirk! I just went there yesterday thanks to your post, and it was by far the most DELICIOSO place for authentic sushi. I LOVED IT. Going back next Saturday with my camera this time ;)

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