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Wednesday, 03 June 2009


angel van

that blueberry muffin may just be a fluke. all the times i been to mimi's, i never had a blueberry muffin like that before. but their carrot raisin bread is so good.


I know! Blueberry muffin is my favorite part of Mimi's breakfast.


Do you have a Cracker Barrel in Yuma? We enjoyed some of their Southern Dishes and the SHOPPING!

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Most of the items look really good. I haven't been to Mimi's cafe in years! These days I keep hearing about their grilled cheese. It is nice to know there are many items- but what is very interesting in one of the breakfast plates is that the waffles look different from each other! Different mold I guess.

It is very interesting how restaurants sometimes give out moldy fruit. I got a apple which was moldy on the bottom at Claim Jumper before.


That was probably the most boring and dull review I have read. No I'm not talking about you but dang was Mimi that bad? I have a coupon for a free breakfast I wonder if it is worth the hassle after reading the review. It's not like it's hard to do scramble or over-easy eggs. I agree with EJ Cracker Barrel is the bomb!

ed (from Yuma)

Maybe The Mimi's in Yuma is not as good as some others; sometimes that happens. The blueberry muffin tasted OK, but I've had better, and I was disappointed by the lack of berries.

Very observant, ETE, but I think the waffles are two halves off the same large mold. The butter probably obscures the top piece's outside edge.

EJ & billy, yeah, we have a Cracker Barrel. I have a friend who works there. I haven't eaten there in years, however. Half the year it is packed with snowbirds.

Take advantage of the free breakfast. I didn't mean to say that the stufff was bad. I'm just very picky, and it often wasn't as good as it looked. Cathy has had more positive experiences. Be sure to read her take on Mimi's.

My comments should have ended: "The illusionists give you the impression that you are enjoying truly fine unique dining, and the bean counters ensure that the prices are affordable." In a value/quality ratio, Mimi's is really pretty good. I keep going back.


It must be the location, ed. That muffin was definitely deliberately constructed after the first part was poured. Blueberries don't "rise" in the batter...physics, you know. Bean counters are indeed everywhere we look, even if we don't recognize them at first. (P.S. Oenophile, not wino.) ;)

The Office Goat

No french onion soup yet, Ed? That muffin is funny, I've been to a bunch of Mimis and I don't recall one looking like that. Almost certainly a fluke. If I got two looking like that, I'd start to get real suspicious, though.


I've read Cathy's review and was excited until I ready yours, Ed. LOL
It so suck that negative always over rule the positive regardless of how many positive you get. The breakfast here I come.


Snowbirds - I had to google that up LOL. I think CB have some decent home cooking.


I think Mimi's is one of the worst restraunts in Yuma. I have given them a number of chances and still find there food uninspired, and bland.


Yeah...I've never been that impressed by the Mimi's here in San Diego. I went there a few times and it wasn't what I was expecting. Your Yuma location seems to keep that trend alive.

One time, though, I went there for a business meeting and got their Orange French Toast, which was the best French Toast I've had in a good while.

If they still serve that, Ed, you might give it a whirl.

ed (from Yuma)

WWZ - thanks for the input. It's nice to read another Yuma voice here. Feel free to comment on some of the other Yuma posts.

MrM - I have a fondness for "fine dining" and I had received many recs from people whose opinions I respect, so I had to try the place. I actually think it's OK for that kind of a chain.

Yeh, billy, irony and sarcasm do kindof work like acid, dissolving things. I was trying to have fun with the post - not ruin anyone's appetite.


here's another Yuma voice to add to the mix: my husband went to Mimi's with some coworkers before I moved out here and *loved* the meatloaf sandwich. So, soon after the rest of the fam got here we found ourselves there one Sunday morning after church. It's been almost a year, and we've talked about going back but never seem to. As soon as I saw your BB muffin picture I remembered that I was really bummed by the muffin they brought me (which I had to remind them about more than once, as well as my juice, maybe Sunday brunch is a challenging time for their servers); I'm a major carboholic so this was a big strike against them. My youngest was happy with his pancake, and I think my food was adequate other than the muffin. Maybe we'll have to give it another try... please feel free to suggest other places where one might go for Sunday brunch here in Yuma :-)

ed (from Yuma)

Hi Micaela. I'm somewhat surprised at the service problem because that has always struck me as a postitive there. I am no expert at Sunday brunches, but I noticed that Carla Renee's (on Main) is advertising a Sunday brunch. I haven't been there, but the food in general at that place is well prepared.


No problem, I really enjoy this blog.

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