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Sunday, 21 June 2009



My brain is going into stimulation overload! Sounds fantastic. Yay for chicken eggs, Uni, and of course Banh Mi!


You're a bad mama jamma in the kitchen. And I like it! Glad to hear it's delicious!


wow, that looks delicious, do you remember seeing kathy's uni panini post?? that looked good too and I am not a fan of uni...

ed (from Yuma)

Amazing again. You make me feel so inadequate in the kitchen. Of course, my excuse is no uni in the desert.


*eats Banh Mi while reading this post* :D

That looks really good, I like how thin you got the eggs.


Yay! You did it! And I'm salivating...


hi kirk! i've never tried uni before, but you really made it look delicious in that banh mi!!!

still up for ba ren right?

Masa Assassin

I have one word INCREDIBLE

now can you make me one :P


Hi Dennis - This tasted even better than I thought it would.

Hi G - Thanks....though all I did was some eggs.

Hi Kat - Now that you mention it, yeah....

Hey Ed - All I did was make some eggs...really....

Hi Natali - That was the most difficult....

Hi Tammy - It turned out pretty good.

Hi CC - You bet we are!

Hi MA - This is so easy....even a Caveman can do it! Hey, I should start a Banh Mi truck....what do you think?


It's all about getting creative in the kitchen. This is what I love about California. Such a cultural melting pot that "spawns" great food.


Hi Jan - Yes, you're right.


yessir, you are living the good life right there


Oh yes, is good!


that looks absurdly delicious! a combination that I would never have thought of, but now I've really got to find a good source for fresh uni...


Hi FH - Eggs and Uni (and caviar( is a great combination, and available in many French Restaurants.


That looks so good! I love love uni and I can imagine how delicious it is in a banh mi


Hi Angela - Uni and eggs are a perfect pair. This one is easy.... you should try it yourself!

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