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Wednesday, 17 June 2009



Blahaha oh the beautiful scent of salted fish.I'm not a big fan of intestine unless its been cleaned out well. I rather eat it at home. The hot pot dishes don't look too appetizing looks as if the food was precooked and then thrown into the pot and mix with some corn starch sauce flavoring.


I guess if you've never seen chicken prepared this way, it could look a little like raw chicken.

I thought you were going to compare the Not-Much-Salted-Fish & Taro hotpot to poi!

I haven't been to Golden City in ages. Maybe it's time; that pork & salted fish looks pretty yummy and uh, fragrant.


It would have been even better if the feets and head of the chicken were served as part of it to get the full gringo effect. That would have been awesome to see!

Love fried noodles and at that price, I'd order it too. I like the Seafood Fried Noodles from Jasmine on most days but the price is almost double than Sam Woo's. Mmm, I can go for some right now!


I love intestines. My favorite fried intestine dish is actually at Spicy City, the one in dry hot pot. I haven't been to Golden City for lunch yet. I need to check it out.


Without even reading your post, the title totally cracked me up! I think I had First Class Chicken? once and it looked beautiful but was quite dry. The naming a dish didn't help in my high expectations I guess.. I've been wanting to visit them again though.


not to sound too much like an orange-chicken-eating-gringo, but BLECH, pig intestines. it doesn't help that you mentioned 'debris'. i think i will stay clear of this. haha.


Not sure I'd be able to face that dark dank flavor and what's inside of it I'm wondering if not debris?

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Fried pork intestine? Wow! Never have seen that before at Sam Woo! The clams look really good compared to our Sam Woo in our area. Pretty comparable to our favorite clam places :).

I also like beef tendon too, but I find many restaurants don't cook it well. Only one place that I have been to cooks it well consistently, and that is May Mei in Arcadia.


Hi Billy - Yes, the frangrance of salted fush! mmmmmm....

Hi Sandy - Not even close to be good enough to call poi! ;o)

Hi Carol - Yes, I'm sure that would've gotten some attention.....

Hi Kirbie - If you choose well the lunch and late night - 9 to midnight specials are well worth the price.

Hi Dennis - Serving second class "First Class Chicken" is not only bad form, but false advertising as well.

Hi Dave - LOL! I know for a fact that you're no " orange-chicken-eating-gringo". ;o)

Hi FH - If it's cleaned well, you won't be tasting poor piggies last meal.

Hi Cliff - From what I recall most Sam Woo's have some kind of offal dish on the menu. To me the best Sam Woo locations (I've even been to the one in Toronto!) are in Alhambra and Monterey Park.

Jeff c

Hey Kirk,
Saw this post and it made me wish I lived in California. Those pigs intestines are my wife's favorites. I was also like you. It took a bit of getting used to. What turned me around was a dish in Hacienda Hts. Sichuan restaurant. Very well fried and crispy with all the lovely ma la spicyness. A real winner. Of course I've had the pao cai style with konyakku as well as the stinky tofu and red braised sauce with intestines in Taiwan. All for the lover of that dark dank smell.


Hi Jeffrey - Pig guts are everywhere here.....more posts on them are coming up! I hope you're keeping cool in this hot and humid weather.

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