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Wednesday, 01 July 2009


ed (from Yuma)

I've always enjoyed Cathy's posts on this place. It looks like the sort of thing I'd find out here in Yuma - but maybe even better.

Great looking pics.


Love those blue, Chinese-print melamine plates! Oh, and the seafood looks pretty yummy.


yummy comc!


Dang that looks go especially since it has been in the 100's for the last 2 weeks now. That cold seafood would definitely bring me back to life.


Hi Ed - They do a pretty good job at La Playita.

Hi Sandy - I've found that moant businesses use those types of plates. Like Kabul is amusing.

Hi Kat - Thanks!

Hi Billy - Geeez in the triple think I've been whining about the weather.


So I read this post yesterday morning and thought, "Well, I know where I'm going for dinner tonight!" I had the Vuelve a la vida and a pescadilla, which were delicious. Thank you so much for posting!


I can't believe we have never run into the two of you here. Thanks for showing some of the other selections.


Hi lars - Thanks for taking the time out to comment! I'm glad you enjoyed your meal at La Playita.

Hi Cathy - I know, it's a small enough place.......


I am impressed with the new menu. They added a lot of hot dishes. Last time I was there, everything was being cooked using a single hotplate.


Hi mindless - All of the hot dishes are still cooked on a portable propane double burner...the kind I see for sale at 99 Ranch Market.

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