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Tuesday, 16 June 2009



Seems more like "Ah Ful" to me. The packaged sushi at Nijiya or Mitsuwa look way better (and probably taste better too). Interestingly, "Ah So" in Japanese roughly translates to "Oh really?" or "Oh Yea?"


I think I got indigestion reading about your meals here. [burp, excuse me]

Bbq Dude

I think it's very hard to get good seafood when you're not on a coast (not that Yuma is far, but...). When I was a kid, it would have been because it was expensive to properly ship fish.

But now, the problem is largely cultural. Most folks far from the coast don't know what good fish tastes like, and so don't demand it. A mediocre sushi place can survive in a place like Calgary, Canada because the locals don't demand better. I have a hard time explaining to my landlocked family that the reason they don't like fish (because it tastes fishy!) is because they've never eaten good fish.


dang dude, japanese food must be pretty grim in Yuma b/c I can't imagine giving a place so many chances! I've done that with chunky batter before but not on tempura. Well, if ever I find myself in Yuma, I'll know where not to go.


Hey Ed - That looks like classic least it wasn't bleeding red.


Major bummer. At least you gave them several chances to have a decent meal; I think I would have given up after the second visit. Now you'll have to go to Kaito soon to make up for this.

Tempura usually uses a thin batter to coat the food. Panko is the coating used on katsu.

I'm always wary about restaurants voted best Asian. For example, the U-T reader polls often vote Todai as best Japanese in San Diego. Huh?

Eat. Travel. Eat!

It's always such a bummer when something that is high rated by many people ends up being a bad experience for you! And this looks very sad. The sushi looks good when it is just so-so, and the tempura doesn't even look fitting for a place that looks like it will be a Japanese restaurant.

I wonder how they got their name! That is probably the most interesting thing- the name :).


Dang you were way to generous and the tempura speaks for itself.


That is what tuna looks like after it has been frozen and thawed.


Wow, what a contrast to Kaito!

You must love yourself some Japanese food. I don't think I could have dragged myself back after the first mess.

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks for the info, madbul. Hope you got to the pepto quickly, Carol. You're right, bbq dude, it partly is cultural. Also I think most people do drown their sushi in soy/wasabi glop. Covers up the faults.

You're right, Kirk, and the fish was not horrible. Nothing like that saba in the combo plate. But not as good as the stuff at Mitsuwa or Nijiya, but those are prepared for a pickier audience.

Also, I think the dry climate here may cause the fish to be drier after it sits in a sushi case for a while.

The tempura was the really disappointing item. Usually I do disregard reader polls, Sandy, but previously, Hwy 95 Cafe had won, and that was actually a pretty good choice.

Anyway, thanks for all the comments - hope I haven't ruined your appetites.

ed (from yuma)

Oh, Sandy, thanks for the info about panko/batter. You can see I eat more Japanese food than I can cook.

Rich Kaszeta

Yeah, I tried this place last time I was in town, and it was about as bad as I would've thought a sushi joint in Yuma would be.


Hmmm I disagree with you.. Ah-so is great!! Most of the employees are nice and the sushi is delicious!!!

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