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Sunday, 07 June 2009



too bad, it looked really nice!


Very nice Kirk. Btw people may think I'm nuts but I have a trick of exhaling (like lightly blowing out a candle) so the steam doesn't cloud my camera's lens.. That would be #9 on the completely useless tips to most people list, haha.


I dunno, Kirk. In certain light and looking at your profile, maybe a little like Bratt Pitt. ;-)

Ugh, too bad on the food. I have not had any plate lunches for so long that I might settle for an L&L lunch.

I do the same exhaling thing when trying to take photos of hot food. hehe.


I'm a little relieved that this place is too far to justify the drive :-)

I was at L&L recently (the kiddo likes it), and it made me remember how much I liked Mo's Island Grinds. However, we're headed to Hawaii in three weeks, and I better do some food research prior to the trip.


That gravy on the mac salad looks pretty good to me. I'd like that initial combo plate for breakfast please.


Too bad about the moco. Kinda strange, but I actually like dry rice. It harkens back to my high-school days of Saturday Filipino parties where the food has been out all afternoon and I was always encouraged to eet...and tek a plet. Good times!


Your enthusiasm for loco moco kinda makes me want to try it again ;-) I'm heading to the Kona coast for vacay in July. Maybe I'll seek it out!


I had no idea that Hawaiians frown upon interchanging the word kalbi with Hawaiian BBQ Short Rib. Makes sense, of course. But I've met you. You're better than Brad Pitt.


Hi Kat - It was much better than I thought it would be!

Hi Dennis - Nice trick...personally, I try to catch the steam rising off food, it illustrates how hot something is.

Hi Carol - Bratwurst Pitt? ;o)

Hi Sandy - Wow, have a wonderful trip!

Hi FH - Breakfast!

Hi Jan - LOL! Well take a plate and chow down!

Hi G - If you head to Hilo, you'll be at the home of the loco...... Check out James's Blog.

Hi Elmo - No it's not the folks from Hawaii that do's the Korean folks here on the mainland.


Nice blog Kirk! Have you tried Island Style Cafe?

I'm alsway on the prowl for local style food.


Hi Monty - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I did a post on Island Style Cafe back in September of last year:

All the Local Kine Stuffs is in this category:


Hi Kirk,

have you been to Da Kine's at Liberty Station? The NTC spot in Point Loma. Don't know if it's the old Da Kine's as the decor is totally newish. I found it by accident going to Tender Green. It's next door. I tried the poke but it's very disappointing. Going back to try the katsu later this week. Will let you know.


Hi Didi - Here's my post on Da' Kine at Liberty Station:

I don't think it has much to do with Da' Kine as you and I recall it. Different folks who bought the name.


hey kirk, check out this place that just opened up. It's called homestyle hawaiian. Your going to get a kick out of this place.


Hi Mo - Great, I will..... where the heck is it???


there is now an A and D on Highland next to Popeye's. I had there salt and pepper chicken wings for $1.99. About 7 pieces, good and I could barely finish them. All there meals are currently $5


Hi tony - Thanks for the tip!

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