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Saturday, 23 May 2009



I wish that there was a Yummy Yummy in SD. The closest to YY we have is Pekin(g). However, they do not have fu gwa (bitter melon). Back in the day, when the Gaslamp wasn't so trendy, there was the old Nanking Restaurant at 5th and Island (I think it's currently the Royal Thai). Nanking used to serve the same dishes you show from YY, and they would serve salty fish with ground pork. I miss those old Cantonese restaurants. They remind me of the restaurants we'd go to when we were kids.


OMG, I think this is my most favorite post ever.. Thanks Ed from Yuma!


hi ed
man, if we're ever in yuma, we're going to go there! this was a very thorough post - i like the bittermelon with black beans. my mom cooks something similar to that. most people i know hate the taste of bittermelon but i love it. i think that's really cool that the owners of the restaurant will cook vegetables that you bring in! and let you bring in your own wine too!

Eat. Travel. Eat! many different menu items! Did you show us half of the menu in this post :)?
This is certainly different compared to some Chinese restaurants. The ingredients look really fresh and scrumptious. I can see why you like the fried dishes- you can tell how crispy the fried things are in your photos, and that doesn't always happen in restaurants.

ed (from Yuma)

Jeez, Dennis, thanks. I thought this post would be of interest to very few.

toisan, caninecologne, YY is very good - but dishes like bitter melon are not regularly available. If it's bitter melon season and you call two or three days ahead, it can probably happen, but other veggie dishes are more likely available. But the more people asking about Chinese veggies, the more that will be there.

Yeh, ETE!, I did show alot of the menu - and as I said, the menu just says "Chinese Vegetables," so all those veggie dishes would not be available at once (unless you called ahead maybe).

In a small town like Yuma, I think YY is a real treasure. And the foo-yee sauce is so good. yummy yummy.



I wish we had a good Cantonese restaurant like that where I live near Chula Vista.

We used to have such a great one called Hom's Teapot Inn, but it closed many years ago. Similarly, they had a lot of fixed items on the menu, but a lot of things they'd make special.

This place is VERY similar, Ed. If ever I am in Yuma, I'd love to attend one of your parties. I'd love a good taste of Canton again!

ed (from yuma)

MrM, it's possible that Cantonese cuisine becomes more like standard ABCDE Chinese over one or two generations, which may explain why you and toisan can't find similar places in SD.

If you are going to be in Yuma, just respond to this post again, and maybe something can be worked out for a party.


I cruised by and Y-Y was vacant. Along with the meat market. sigh.

ed (from Yuma)

The meat market is gone - but Yummy Yummy is still there (or at least it was a week ago). It's just in the far back quarter of the stripmall - not directly under its sign.


Went there last night and thoroughly enjoyed the food. Did not try the tofu yet. Will have to do that on the next trip.

ed (from Yuma)

Glad you enjoyed, Francisco. I can't beat the prices and the quality. It's still my #1.

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