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Thursday, 14 May 2009



I figured out how to subscribe but it doesn't allow me to comment. You guys ought to come visit NC! We have food coming out of the ground and negotiating to use the next door property so we can run a few beeves, pigs, chickens, and bunnies!


after we came back from Saipan, which was all American style foods, we were craving sushi and ramen :)


Hey MA - I'm glad you took care of that craving.

Hi Jo - Sounds great.

Hi Kat - I guess that would make sense!


I'm craving for Bun Rieu and any kind of spring rolls w/ lots of veggie yuummmmmm


Hi YY - This past weekend was cooler than expected, so some Bun Rieu sounds good.

jeffrey C

roti with good curry and a cup of mango yogurt drink (lassi) or a some really good fried rice


Mmmmm Fried that's a great craving.....

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