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Thursday, 14 May 2009



I'm craving the great panchan at Walmido!! The Gyeran Jjim AND the Hwe Dup Bop, no joke!


Mmm, panchan and rice...I have my usual "island" cravings after trips to Hawaii. Crack seeds are the worst. Since I'm fending for myself this weekend, I think I'll pop over to Zion and get some panchan!


Oh, I'm glad I came back tonight! I'm currently craving french toast like my grandma used to make or naan and mint chutney haha.

I wish I had been on more trips, because I can't think of anything...


Hi Dennis - You're too funny! ;o)

Hi Carol - Ooohhh, li hing mui......olive peel! arrrgghh

Hi Saint - You'd better go on more trips then!!! ;o)


Hi Kirk,
I get into a lot of trouble because I watch a lot of the Food Porn Channel (foodnetwork) so I usually crave whatever is on at the time. LOL.
Recently had a MAJOR craving for pancakes and had some excellent blueberry-cornmeal pancakes at The Mission here in NP.
Also, roast duck, because I've been reading your posts, and I always have my hopes up you will find someplace that serves decent duck.


i've been craving cajun/creole recently because i found out i missed a crawfish fest here this past weekend!

korean sounds SO GOOD. i'm from ny and used to eating in ktown once a week, but haven't had any in sd bc i dont know anyone who likes korean here. i LOVE soondubu... i could have some of that right now.

i get random food cravings all the time...


hey kirk. what is that last banchan? is it some kind of radish kimchee or possibly spam? i am craving sushi and pancakes. god i love pancakes...


PAH! Let me tell you for cravings! Ensaimada, flaky and still a touch warm from the oven. Emanadas de cabell de angel (baked turnovers filled with pumpkin preserves). Stewed bull meat over fried potato chunks. Coca de aubercot y de verduras (flat breads with apricots and with chard). Tiny spring potatoes stewed with fresh garden peas. Gnocchi with red opal basil pesto. Peeled muscadine grapes fresh off the vine. Standing in the middle of the patch and eating corn straight off the stalk. Red seeded asparagus beans cooked Chinese style. Shrimp and pork dumplings, homemade, shrimp straight off the boat and pork raised in the back yard. Triple cream brie with homemade sesame crackers. Bread of Joy (unleavened flat bread fried in olive oil then add sesame seeds followed about 30 seconds later with honey, the honey fries and turns crisp as it cools). Chili relleno made with fresh monterey jack and chilies fresh from the patch. Shall I go on?

By the by, what's the first item up there? They look like fried chilies?


Hi Stephen - Give Golden City a shot...a bit inconsistant, but when they're on, it's good.

Hi Angelle - I've seen many young women eating solo at Tofu House, so maybe you should check them out.

Hi Sawyer - It's Spam! Sushi and Pancakes! I hope not at the same meal.

Hi Jo - Welcome back! It's been a while....that's quite a list.


I am always craving panchan too! Not really the veggie kind but more the preserved, sweet or spicy type. Lotus root, burdock, kimchi of course and garlic tops mmmm


Right now, I'm craving lychees.

Weirdest post-trip craving? A year or so ago I came back from a visit to NYC craving hot dogs. I've been happily vegetarian for 18 years, and didn't even like hot dogs when I ate meat. I didn't indulge the craving, I don't like fake meat so not dogs didn't sound particularly appealing.

ed (from Yuma)

Suddenly, for no reason, I'm craving panchan. Go figure.


I often crave Mexican food after coming back from another country. Not too much good Mexican food in Asia or Europe (that I've found, anyway). But right now I'm craving sushi. Bad.


Roberto's breakfast burritos
Smoked salmon
buttered n' toasted Jewish Rye bread


Right now, craving chocolate haupia pie. If I had the time to run to the grocery store to get 3 more oz. of chocolate I would make one, I have all the other ingredients. :(

I used to crave shave ice and coco puffs after coming back to SD from HI but my wonderful hubby bought me a shave ice maker for one Xmas and I make my own coco puffs from scratch now. :) No other food cravings after returning from trips....


Kirk, go holo-holo to any Seafood City store and can buy any kine Magnolia ice cream.
My craving after a trip? Freshly picked rambutan and the greatest, sweetest Suha (Pomelo) from Davao, Cebu.


That Panchan looks great!

I was craving Sisig and got some great stuff at Betchay's in Rancho Penesquios off of Black Mountain Road!

Mmmm! Pork Fat!


i'm craving my mom's chicken afritada, her pork embutido (meatloaf), and scrambled eggs with ampalaya (bittermelon), garlic and tomatoes


Hi Brains - I love "Maneuljjong"(마늘종) - the garlic shoots....but I'm just not fit for public contact after eating it!!!

Hi Holly - dogs sound really good right now.

Hi Ed - Go figure....

Hi Tracey - You better get your fix!

Hi Rosa - Hopefull not all at the same time! ;o)

Hi Lori - You're lucky!!

Hi Shirley - Actually, right after getting my Bo Kho fix, Lucky Seafood next door stocks Magnolia Ice Cream.....

Hi MrM - I think I'll get some Sisig for breakfast!

Hi CC - Sounds delici-yoso!!!

Masa Assassin

Hey Amigo Im craving Tortas :) and I just had a fix

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