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Sunday, 24 May 2009



Wow, thanks for the generous mention Kirk! Weird, I had lunch at Pho Lucky today for the first time, did I miss you by a few hours? I think their Pho is my new favorite in SD but everybody does have their preferences.. Anyway, cheers to good food in SD! :)


Hi Dennis - Nah, this was from over a week ago.... BTW, Pho Lucky is my favorite bowl in San Diego. I also enjoy the Banh Mi Bo Kho there.


Groceries making a break for it? That is too funny! How far did it get?


scary stuff in that bag! lol...I don't think I've ever tried that raayu, but the bottle looks familiar!


Crab! That's it!


Hi Stephen - Not very, a couple of feet from the table. The funny thing was that the woman just kept on eating.......

Hi Kat - At least it was fresh! ;o)

Hi Tammy - Perhaps....I'm thinking a fish though, as it was kinda bouncing.


Hi Kirk, I thought I'd chime in again to explain about the Ishigaki-jima Raayu for anyone interested. As far as I know it's made at a small Chuka (Japanese Chinese) restaurant on Ishigaki-jima using the island's shima-togarashi hot peppers. Tiny potent ones but when dried and made into raayu as you described lightly sweet and nutty with a lot of umami. I sometimes pour some on my rice and make it a quick meal! It's not expensive but after a celebrity chef declared his liking for it in Japan, of course the very next day the store shelves were empty. My uncle in Ishigaki bought these directly at the mentioned restaurant and my family brought them over during their visit last December. I had way too many for myself so glad to have passed some on to you and the missus. Cheers.

 Jeff c

The Raayu is wonderful stuff in all its incarnations. I saw "New Dotch Cooking Show" and they did a segment on Raayu for their dumpling show. They went to Okinawa, too. I wonder why that island makes the best raayu.
My wife makes la you used for sichuan cooking but it includes a myriad of spices and not just peppers. Its the best.


hi kirk - that's so funny - ADOVO!!! WTF!!!! the sizzler is a dump by the way.

last week while we were leaving church, someone in a gorilla suit (i kid you not) was holding one of those big arrow signs that said "Order your Lechon here" (or something to that effect). Nice.


Hi Dennis - I still think you shoulda done a post on this!

Hi Jeffrey - I think it's the chili peppers. Dennis described the type of chili used, which sounded just like what we call Hawaiian chili pepper. It's small, has nice heat, some sweetness, and lacks that greenish flavor that some chilies have. I've been thinking about trying to acquire some seeds.

Hi CC - You'd think they would get the correct spelling...... Somehow, a guy in a gorilla suit trying to sell me lechon kinda disturbing...... ;o)

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