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Sunday, 03 May 2009



Yum, I wish I had some pie right now. Reading this blog around lunch time, when I have no food, is always a mistake - LOL! Crossing fingers for fruit in my next CSA box! :)


Golden pineapples are out right now, Lori. Henry's has them for 97 cents until Wednesday, and Costco and Vons have them for about $3 each. Sweeter than canned. I am waiting for Macintosh apples to be ready, but it isn't quite autumn.
I can see stats and it seems everyone checks out this blog just before lunch and just before dinner. I try to show a variety of places, because I really do like everything.

the office goat

"One pound of roast pork" = appetizer? I like how you think.


Wow way to go Cathy you made me want crispy pork... nothing can beat that super crunchy skin! The only thing that can top the craving of crispy pork skin would probably be... bacon :)


Thanks, TOG and Cliff ;) On Saturday, The Mister and I went to Yum Cha, ordered 5 dim sum and a $10.34 chunck of roast pork (it is $8.99/lb) and ate it all. Easier than cooking it at home.


I love the Dumpling and Wonton Soup here. I used to eat noodles in Linda Vista, where Sab E Lee is located. When they closed i was a little sad, becaused i loved there wonton soup. Then i came here and ate their wonton soup, to my amazement it tasted the same. After talking to one of the ladies at Sieu Sieu, i find out that her sister owned the noodle shop in Linda Vista, and they have the same recipe. Just thought i would share the story. yas


Yes, I remember when the old SEL had the noodle soups, Yas. The soup is the same here; really good. Thanks for the story and welcome to our blog.

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