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Saturday, 09 May 2009



Thanks for sharing your fond memories (and recipes) of your mother with us. Seems like a lot of elderly like hoarding toilet paper, from personal anecdote too.


I love this post and thanks for sharing your mom's recipe, Kirk. I just love almond cookies. I think I shall make some tomorrow. (Wow, 1974!)

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Thanks for sharing this! Almond cookies are a favorite of mine and these look awesome.


what a great post Kirkk! thank you for sharing this recipe and your memories of your mom!

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks Kirk. Brought back all kinds of memories. Thanks again - another really special post!


So Sweet! and those cookies look really good. Nice job on the cookies to the Missus.


Howzit Kirk....thanks for the recipe. It looks very much like my mom's recipe. We definitely have to hook up soon.
Many memories of going to Star Market with my mom, but the best time was to go with her and buy firecrackers!


Hi Kirk - thank you for such a sweet post!

Even now I'm (kind of) grown up, I never bother buying toilet paper - I steal it from my Mum as she always has about 50 rolls in stock - mothers are clearly the same all over the world :)


nicely written post sir. bookmarked this recipe to give it a shot in the future. i've been on a cookie binge lately, and i don't know why.


what a lovely tribute to your mom, kirk. i remember your other post about this treasured red notebook...brought tears to my eyes the first time and did it again this time!

and oh my--1974?? (sadly, i was already around! heehee)


Hi Liver - I think there's a certain age when the hoarding gene kicks in.

Hi Carol - 1974 sounds so very long ago now......

Hi ETE - These turned out to be very "old school".

Hi Kat - Thanks!

Hi Ed - When that notebook hit the floor and opened to the recipe, I think it was destiny.

Hi Lynnea - The Missus is a good baker, but She's kind of shy about it.

Hi Jack - Hope all is going well. Thinga are starting to get back to normal, so I'll let you know!

Hi meemalee - Nice to know Mom's are the same everywhere!

Hi Sawyer - I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Hi Pam - Happy Mother's Day to you! You realize that you have to develop some extreme eccentricities to pass on, right? ;o) What's sad is that in 1974, I'd been around for a while!


awww, what a great post, I love how that battered old notebook looks. strangely enough, my mom no longer cooks (alzheimers) so my dad has taken over at the stove. He has made a cookbook but it's a word document on the pc... that just kills me! Anyways those look great, I love almond cookies.


Hi FH - Seeing my Mom's handwriting always gives me the "warm fuzzies"...... They sure used to write neatly in those days.


Hi Kirk. Nice tribute to your Mom. The recipe looks wonderful. I don't do a lot of baking, but these look like they are worth the effort.
Her handwriting was beautiful. Do you know if she learned the Palmer method. The handwriting looks similar to that.
Thanks for sharing


Hi Stephen - Thanks....I'd never heard of the Palmer method, but since my Mom's formative years were in the late 1930's and early 40's, that sounds about right(or perhaps I should say "write"?). I learn something new everyday!

jeffrey C

What a lovely remembrance. Now you've given us a chance to pass it on, too. Thanks for the gift Kirk.


Hi Jeffrey - Thank you for reading!

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