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Wednesday, 20 May 2009



wow, that's a lot of food. Did you have starve yourself before you get there?


mac and cheese? I'm confused.


happy birthday to the missus!! everything looked delish!


Are you sure that was the small, heh?

Looks soooooo wonderful :)

Can I be nosey and ask how much this set cost?


this is AMAZING. how much was it for two?


Hi Tammy - You know we ever starve ourselves??? ;o)

Hi Penny - You mean the corn???

Hi Kat - It was quite a bit of food.

Hi meemalee - Yes, this was the "small" size.

Hi Angelle - The sashimi comes in three sizes small ($100), medium ($120), and large ($140). All the side dishes included.


I'm full just from looking at all the pictures. Looks like a great meal. Sheng ri kuai le to the Missus (laopo, heehee)!


Wow. And I still need a photo of the egg custard dish to call my own.. The corn did look like mac-n-cheese to me too!

ed (from Yuma)

The pics brought back memories of that great meal we shared a while back. It is so much food. Happy birthday to the missus.


dang, all that for just the two of you? looks like a right fine feast. I am keeping an eye on the airfares down to SD!


Wah - well worth hundred bucks - I wanna go there!


Hi Carol - Yes, we really enjoyed it all.....

Hi Dennis - Better get that camera out sooner next time! ;O)

Hi Ed - Yes, that was a fun meal.

Hi FH - You know, it really didn't seem like that much when we were eating it....but looking at the photos after!!!!

Hi meemalee - There could be a place like this your neck of the woods....I hope there is!


oh ahah! I just looked at the photo more closely. Yes, the corn totally looks like mac and cheese. But it seemed completely out of place at this restaurant. hee hee.


Hi Penny - You know...since reading your comment about macaroni and cheese, I've been craving the stuff. And I never, ever have cravings for mac and cheese! ;O)

Bbq Dude

This looks really, really great. We're going to have to try this out.


Hi BBQ-D - I hope you've got a big appetite.

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