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Tuesday, 26 May 2009


ed (from Yuma)

Wow 4 Years. I remember the first posts. Amazing. Thanks for all the work you do making this thing happen. And thanks for letting me post every once in a while.


Happy Birthday to mmm-yoso! Thanks to you, Ed and Cathy for making this site so wonderful. And for the Missus' support!

I think I started visiting here since early 2007. Took me a while to read all the posts from the first day.


Happy blog-iversary to the mmm-yoso gang! Like Carol, I found this site about two years ago, and gradually went back to read all the posts.

Not long after finding mmm-yoso, I remember taking a visiting friend to Crab Hut soon after reading your first post on the place.


Happy anniversary! Looking forward to another year of good food.


Happy Anniversary! I've been a reader/lurker for a little over two years now. I found your blog through a google search on Country's BBQ in Columbus, GA. I have since moved back to SoCal and have eaten at a few of your suggested places!


Congrats! This is the only subscription in my Google Reader where I've read every single entry. (I found your blog about 3.5 years ago when Jamillah Garden showed up on my google search for knife-cut noodles).


Wahoo, eat well and blog well.

The Food Ho

Happy Blogaversary!!! I wonder what we would be eating without you?!


Happy anniversary and thanks for making this such a fun blog to visit! Been reading since summer of 2006 but stopped lurking in 2007 to make my first comment on Mo's...found mmm-yoso through a google search for plate lunch places in San Diego. :)


Hi Kirk!

I don't remember when exactly I started reading mmm-yoso, but it might have been sometime in 2006. I found the site when doing a google search of Rickshaw corner, because I was trying to find their phone number.


Four years and your posts just keep getting better and better! must have been January of 2006 that I started reading your blog. Thank you!


Happy blogiversary! I really love reading about your adventures, and I always come here to look for interesting restaurants to visit. I'm not really sure how long I've been visiting, maybe 2 1/2 years?


Found late in 2006 after a search for Sushi Komasa in LA. I find the in-depth reviews to be far more useful and enjoyable compared to the star ratings of certain "other" sites.

I just have one issue. Went to lucky pho once, and the broth was bland except for an extra large heaping of black pepper. What's up with that? :)


Wow, four years? I think I started reading about 3 years ago. I remember reading your entire first year when I started. Kinda creepy huh?

To be honest though, I think I became hooked when you described a ramen broth as "porky" and that a different version didn't quite have the same level of "porkiness". My hat goes off to anyone who uses language like that (that and palate for detail more commonly applied exclusively to super expensive fine-dining establishments--not that we aren't treated to such on occassion here). ;)


I've been reading since I discovered you on June 3, 2005. That's also when you wrote your first comment on my blog! Thanks for 4 wonderful years!


Happy bloggaversary! And you're still going strong after four years!


Omedeto! And we all think it has been time well spent for us all! I don't know exactly when I stumbled upon your site, but I'm glad I did.


hi kirk! happy bloggaversary! and yeah, that spam musubi looks pretty good! i could eat several of those!

i was a lurker and turned into a FOY since early 2006 - i was looking up reviews on Ben's in National City and came upon your post. After that, I was hooked. you are one of my food blogs to visit.

glad to have met you this past year. enjoyed ourlunches. hope to meet up with you again - with other food bloggers.


Hi Ed - Kinda amazing, huh? Man time flies!

Hi Carol - You've gone through all our posts! That's some major least count it;s somewhere near 1150....

Hi Sandy - Thanks for being a great FOY!

Hi Mike - We'll try our best.

Hi Jen - Must've been the Lightning Jack post, huh? Would be good to have a place like Country's here.

Hi Cheesecheese - Wow, thanks....I'm honored!

Hi Billy - Thanks, for reading even after moving out of state!

Hi TFH - I think you'd do just fine without us.

Hi Lori - And we're happy that you decided to de-lurk!

Hi Fred - Wow, haven't been to Rickshaw in a while......

Hi Lynnea - Thanks for being a great fellow blogger!

Hi Jenny - I'm glad you enjoy our posts.

Hi Hao - I dunno, never had that happen...must've been an off day. I've had Banh Mi Bo Kho that wasn't quite up to snuff, but the Pho has always been good.

Hi Jan - LOL! Not creepy at all..... Tonkotsu Ramen has to have that "porcina-ness".....

Heck Elmo - You've been doing this since '03 if I remember correctly.

Hi Su-Lin - A few more grey hairs...but we're still going strong.

Hi FH - Thanks so much!

Hi CC - Thanks for being such a great FOY and fellow food blogger. We'll need to get together sometime soon.


Thanks for letting me post. It's a great form of therapy and such a different way to have to think. I appreciate you so much.

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