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Wednesday, 27 May 2009



Looking forward to the review on Fat Tony's.


It used to be Beach Boy Sushi, or something like that. Went there for The Mister's birthday and did not want to do a post-would have needed the Thesaurus. Seems the same people took over...But at least it isn't decorated by Ikea...I still have the photos on the Memory Card.


looking forward to fat tony's review :9


I made some fried fish last night. What a coincident and not to mention I used Japanese panko - the best IMO.


Hi Carol - OK, i'll try to get to that ASAP.

Hi Cathy - Yikes, a thesaurus....what in the world were they serving?

Hi Kat - Will get to that soon.

Hi Billy - I think folks use panko and forget to season sometimes.


All the sauces were home made. Teriyaki by mixing soy with sugar and cornstarch; the spicy dip for calamari was kind of Thousand Island mixed with vinegar or Tobasco; the fried tofu was made with *very* firm tofu and battered and deep fried and so got firmer...oh and the teensy individual teacups each got their own tea bag and was *very* strong. Rice was crispy, because it was old and we got scrapings, not because it was supposed to be. And really, the decor in that patio room...every hanging light Ikea made (one of each), upside down umbrellas and knick knacks with no theme, sort of 'garage sale finds'.

Green Turtle

Big Fish has an ad in the Pennysaver which includes a grand-opening $5 fish & chip coupon. Not sure if I'd pay the regular $8.95 price. I'd be more inclined to go with Convoy Fish & Sushi's $5 special in which you don't need a coupon. They also added a halibut fish taco plate to their $5 line, but I haven't tried it yet.


Hi GT - Five bucks would be a good deal for this stuff. BTW, Convoy Fish and sushi moved the fish counter out....and is building a sushi bar?


does anyone remember the name of the old family mexican restaraunt at diane village shopping center? i remember it started with an "s" They had the best sopapillas!


This is so true!!! I use to wor there and ended up leaving! It was just a boring atmosphere! I totally LOVE seafood and this place isn't good at ALL!

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