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Monday, 25 May 2009



I never get tired of the Ba Ren posts. Personally, I love the posts on seasonal and special items. I'm pretty illiterate when it comes to Chinese so if it wasn't for your posts, I would rarely order off the placards.


i love ba ren and i love that pickled soup too! are they open late night everyday? wish they had this when i was still around because it sounds like a lot of fun.


ah! this sounds amazing! i wish u were my friends so i could eat ba ren as often as you do... alas, i have no friends to go to ba ren with (not fans of chinese and/or spicy), which takes hot pot out of the question...

Eat. Travel. Eat!

This looks great! I think the only time I have raided the a restaurant's fridge before would be at Noodle House. And I have also gotten things in and out from fridges and warmers at my school.

The Sesame Balls in Fermented Sweet Rice Soup look really good :). So much sweet rice in it.


Repeat is good - it means that Ba Ren is consistent ;)


the Missus is so lucky to be able to go out many times for her birthday :)


I stumbled across your site from another site and had a wonderful time exploring. Having lived in SD, it was a lot of fun seeing the places you selected in your blog. Thanks.


Wow, all this looks fun and also absolutely delicious.. The ma la base is almost scary looking! I've tried the cold szechuan noodles in the past and it was so numbing hot it made my face twitch and my esophagus feel like I swallowed a pint of vodka! Good stuff though.


Hi Carol - Without the Missus, I'd be lost here as well.

Hi Sawyer - I found the menu hours kinda strange, because they used to close at nine or so....I'll find out on our next visit.

Hi Angelle - I hope you find some friends who like spicy food so you can spend some time exploring Ba Ren's ever-changing menu.

Hi ETE - That first sip of the fermented rice soup will always get's super "winey"...but the more you eat, the more you enjoy it!

Hi Meemalee - That it is.....

Hi Kat - We've kinda cut back...we used to do a whole week. I guess our stamina is not quite was it used to be.

Hi Oysterculture - No, thank you for visiting!

Hi Dennis - Not everything is super spicy here....we'll grab a bite here one day.

Mr. Zhang

Hi Kirk

I have some interesting videos about Sichuan food from youtube (some are Mandarin only, sorry) so you may need Missus translation :
shuizhu mussroom

mapo blood/tofu

shuizhu niurou

this is Sichuan food trip


Hi Mr Zhang (Jonathon?) - Thanks for those links, we'll be sure to check them out.


No way Kirk, please keep blogging on Ba Ren!! After all, they have some of the best food around and there is always something new to try so there can never be too many Ba Ren posts!!! I too, am Chinese-illiterate and I look forward to your reports!! Today I hit the jackpot - a new Ba Ren post on mmm yoso!! I will definately be going in for Yie Shi!! Keep em coming!!


Hi PJ - I think you'll especially enjoy this!

 Jeff c

Great place and pretty innovative with the menu to keep regulars from getting bored. A sign of a good restaurant.
I've got to get to San Diego some time.


Hi Jeffrey - They do keep us interested, that's for sure.


this is the kind of food that makes me want to be a better cook.


Hi Katie - From what I see on your blog, you're a mighty fine cook!


Hi Kirk,
First just wanted to say thanks for all of your informative posts. Many of them have been really helpful in finding a new place to eat...unfortunately not this time.

A friend and I tried to eat here last night but were told we couldn't order from the "Yie-Shi" menu because we couldn't read it! They only wanted us to order from the regular menu. I do love the food here, but after seeing your new post & pics, we were pretty excited about giving this a try. We left the place kind of upset, especially when seeing other tables littered with skewers and bubbling hot pot.

Now I have to coax along another friend to come with me to translate, which shouldn't be too hard once I send them a link to your post!

(All was not lost though as, luckily Jeong Won was still open late and we feasted on Korean BBQ!)


Oh no JCE - I feel so bad for you! Hmmm, maybe we can do something about it....let me think.......

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