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Wednesday, 13 May 2009



The food looks great! Whew, I think I need a nap after looking at all those dishes. The picture of Cathedral of San Jose is just beautiful!

The Office Goat

Here's your different-tasting turkey:

The Office Goat

BTW, the first time I went to Belize and saw these birds, I thought they were called "Oscillated Turkeys" [same pronunciation] and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why.


Hi Carol - I'm going to check out Flickr and stuff....because some of these folks had some serious photo gear.

Hi TOG - Thanks for the link. You know, I saw a few of those in Honduras.... The turkey tastes much like wild turkey I had before....but the meat was much more dense.


wow that did sound like a big lunch, but everything looked and sounded great!


I am amazed that the timing of your trip allowed you to avoid the both onset of swine flu paranoia here and the current protests of Guatemala's president...


Completely awesome, the best reading on the entire Internet.

Keep up the good work! ( I hope you get paid for this)


Hi Kat - Boy was it a big lunch.....

Hi Hao - We were in Guatemala and Honduras when the Swine Flu story broke. We had to fly through MEX to return to the states. That'll be in a future was pretty interesting. As for the current protests, it'll be interesting to see how things play out....

Hi Chris - Thanks! Comments like yours are payment enough.... Hope all is well.


A big lunch is the best way to go it fuels you for the rest of the day as long as you stay on your feet ;-)

No kidding a nap is the best cure.My wife a bean hater have been converted by me I love beans.


Hi Billy - I believe bigger lunches are better too, but this was waaaay to much. We woke up feeling groggy, and not "with it".... too much of a good thing....


wow, those dishes look so interesting, but even in the pictures you can see they are heavy. but yes it sounds like you need the fuel to power you up those steps! Have you found anywhere that serves those black beans in the states? what a beautiful area, love the night photos.


Hi FH - I'm sure they serve those type of beans at a bunch of places....I've had similar beans at Salvadoran restaurants.

jeffrey C

Wow, amazing Kirk. Those soup/sauces look great.


Hi Jeffrey - The food at La Fonda was interesting.

Joan Scott Sapper

If you ever find a recipe for the Caldo Real from La Fonda I would love to have it. My husband is from Guatemala and I would really like to make the soup for him here in the US. Thanks, Joan


Hi Joan - I don't have the recipe for any of the Caldos from La Fonda - I do have a few recipes for stuff like pepian and such.

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