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Saturday, 16 May 2009


Eat. Travel. Eat!

Beautiful looking Uni! It looks sushi grade :). I just saw some Uni available at the market today, but then the spikes were trimmed off, and they just looked like a black ball of little spikes. The uni you got looks way better!

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Beautiful uni! It looks better than some sushi restaurant's uni.

I just saw some uni available today at the supermarket, but they simply can not even compare to what you got! Their spikes were all trimmed up and they were sitting on a bed of ice. They looked more like black balls with mini sticks sticking out instead of uni.


Hi ETE - This was very good.....and I've had my share of fresh live uni!


And fun fact of the day: sea urchin "beaks" are called Aristotle's Lantern, apparently because Aristotle described them that way.

Doesn't sea urchin imply the existence of a land urchin? Or are those more commonly known as hedgehogs? Hmmm...


not a fan of uni myself, but I'm glad you got some good uni at a great price! (the photo with you holding the uni looks like someone smiling!)


"Pet my uni"

That's so wrong.


Hi Hao - I actually had a vision of one those falling out of a tree......but wait...those are Durian, right? ;o)

Hi Kat - I was indeed smiling, so perhaps that was reflected in the way I held the uni? ;o)

Hi meemalee - he-he-he......


That is so cool! Especially listening to podcast. I've still yet to try fresh uni.

Bbq Dude

I've purchased their uni, and both eaten it plain, or put it in the vanilla-mint-gelee from the Alinea cookbook. Both were fantastic. The flavour just pops in your mouth so much more than the uni I've had in sushi places. Yum!


Fantastic! I've always wanted to try this..


Thanks for posting this, Kirk. I've eyed the uni stand at the LI market several times, but never quite gotten up the nerve to stop and chat. (And I haven't yet tasted uni either). You made it sound simple to prepare the sea urchin, so maybe I'll purchase a couple soon and give it a try - here in the privacy of my home. :-)


Hi Carol - These are inexpensive enough to try......check it out.

Hi BBQ Dude - Welcome and thanks for stopping by! The Uni provided is very good....I'm not sure it's the best I've ever had, but it is without a doubt among the best.

Hi Dennis - I think you'll love this.....

Hi Sherry - If you're not worried aout presentation, it is easy to clean and prep. They'll also give you samples. I eat mine, plain....but just a tad of lemon is good. The folks at the stand recommend sriracha, but I think that'll kill the delicate flavor.


OH MY GOD KIRK you must alert me when this sale is going on! I think I would just go to San Diego just to go get some! :) That's a really good deal.

Are there any places like that around the LA/OC area?


Hey Cliff - I'd check with your local CFM....they will usually have a listing of vendors. This one occurs Saturday in Little Italy. I was told they are there every Saturday, so if you happen to be in town.


oh wow, this alone might be enough to get me planning a trip to SD! except that I am not sure I'd be able to pull this off in a hotel room, but maybe if I have a kitchenette? and I suppose all those tools might pass through the security scan if I check my bags... haha, well I enjoyed reading about it anyways! Looks so dang delicious!


Wow. How neat! I had no idea you could get live uni from Little Italy market. And I didn't know it could live a few days inside the fridge.


Hi FH - If you made the effort to travel to San Diego.....I'd make sure you'd have a place to prep your sea urchin! ;o)

Hi Kirbie - I was told it'll live 2-3 days in the fridge....if you can wait that long!


I wonder is Texas have live Uni.


Hi Billy - I dunno, these are Pacific Sea Urchin.

jeffrey C

Kirk, wow fresh uni. I love uni. It seems to have the essence of the ocean and yet it has that rich flavor as well. I think I recall my first time hearing about eating sea urchin roe was in some french movie where it seemed it was a common enough item in the late 1800 to 1900s.

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