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Friday, 15 May 2009



That looks delightful and I find it incredible that such a quality dinner for 2 could be $5!

You could sell that meal at a Busalacchi's for $20 a pop, easy!


I don't recall if I've ever had kale before. I'll have to pick some up and try it. Cathy, do you buy Herbes de Provence or do you mix your own?

ed (from yuma)

Yum. That looks good - I love greens, but don't have a lot of recipes for kale. Well I have one more now! Thanks.


Thanks, Mr. M! I look at each trip to the grocery store as a kind of puzzle to use sale items to make a nice meal.

Hi, Carol. Kale is pretty mild flavored, compared to chard (bitter) or collard or mustard greens, but different than spinach (which is hte only green I will eat raw (except for baby chard). HdP I get at Costco, because I use so much of it. It is just a blend of herbs that seem to go with everything: eggs, seafood, meat, veggies. The Costco one does not have lavender, which I get from the bulk jar at Henry's and crush then add to the big jar.

Oil, and butter and crispy beans with a creamy center seem to compliment the kale, ed. So will onions and garlic, if you want to go all crazy at it. ;)


Ah, Costco for HdP! Thanks, I'll look for it next time I'm there.


yeh, Cathy....our Girl Friday.


The jar is 3.5 ounces and shoud last a while, Carol.
How sweet, Ron. (; So much better than "cheap and easy Cathy"...


Looks yummy Cathy. I love pork. I've always stir fried it w/ string beans. I'll show my Mom your recipe =P


Hi YY! I love pork prepared in so many ways. I just picked some green beans from the garden- looks like dinner!(P.S. happy honeymoon-finally!)


Oh man, Cathy, this sounds soooo good. And I'm a big fan of kale. Have you been to Chez Nous before? Last weekend they had a kale and turkey sausage soup, and it was fantastic. Good salt to the broth and you could still taste the kale. But I digress.


Hi RT- Kale is so good and easy in that you can eat it cooked or raw, like spinach. I have not been to Chez Nous, but it is on my list: I passed by it earlier this year. Drop a potato into absorb the saltiness of a broth.

ed (from Yuma)

Sausage, kale, and potato soup is an old Alice Waters' recipe a friend showed me 30 years ago.

Even Olive Garden sortof does a version, but of course they add a bunch of cream because they can.

Still, as you guys know, a nice combo of flavors.


Oh my goodness Ed, you know what's on Olive Garden's menu!!! Gasp...... ;o)


30 years ago...Yep, I made something like that at University, ed. Didn't know I was being a gourmand though. I used kielbasa-no spices needed to be added. Kale was green and cheaper than spinach.
Um...I know what OG food tastes like, too, Kirk. I have photos from my last visit as proof. Was there something in that contract we signed that said we had to be snooty?

ed (from Yuma)

I have eaten at OG (or maybe it should be OMG) once. Really only once. Forced to - an old friend wanted to eat there. Really. The salad wasn't bad. The soup was a bastardized and salty version of this classic.

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