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Monday, 20 April 2009



I envy you guys! ;-)
Have a lot of fun and blog everything and eat everything too. Please?


have a great trip you wacky kids!


Another vacation? Are you even done posting pictures from the last one?

Have fun!


I am sure you will have a fantastic trip. I spent a great month in Guatemala years back. Looking forward to a whole new set of COMC posts!


keep us posted then, when you get back.


enjoy! can't wait to hear all about it :)


Fun! I look forward to vicariously traveling through your posts and pictures.


Hi Billy - We'll do our best!

Hi Santos - LOL! Thanks.

Hi Fred - Thank so much....and no I haven't yet finished our last trip......I gotta get on the ball!

Hi Mike - At the pace I'm going....all my posts are going to be COMC.

Hi RONW - Will do.

Hi Kat - Thanks!

Hi Lynnea - We hope to get some decent photos!


I had the same thought as Fred - weren't you just on vacation?

I still haven't organized my photos from three vacations ago!

Have a great time, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures.


Holy smokes man! You're giving Zimmern and Bourdain a run for their money! And their expenses are probably covered by the Travel Channel!

Lookin' forward to posts!!!


Ooh, if you are in Playa del Carmen, I've got two restaurants for you to try:
Yaxche (pronounced Yos-chay) - Mayan food, and
El Fogon - yummy Mexican food, more of a real local hangout.
Have a blast!


Oh wonderful places to visit! I hope you have a safe and fun vacation!!


How exciting. Have fun!


have a fun trip kirk! you lucky guy you!

cathy will hold down the fort!

The Office Goat

Have a great time (if not, take even more pics)!

Requests of pics, tastes, stories:

Fruits -- mamey, sapotes etc. I've have some of them but can't keep them straight.

Animals -- paca/gibnut, iguana, conch.

Any local fermentations and chocolate.

Are you going to both Copan and Tikal? Not Belize?

Watch out for bugs, especially botflies. :-)

The Office Goat

Oh, BTW, Skin-So-Soft does NOT work on central american bugs. You'll need DEET and/or alcohol and tobacco coming out of your pores to keep the nasties away. Expect the DEET to melt some of your posessions. ;-)

Judy Lee




Hi Sandy - Seems that way doesnt it....

Hey Elmo - Expressing our thanks from the Am Ex lounge in Mexico City Airport.

Hi Tracey - Nope not there....but I´ll make note of those recs.

Hi Lori - Thanks

Hi CC - I know she will do her usual great job.

Hi TOG - That´s some kind of list....we carry DEET. Remember we went to SEA.

Hi Judy - Thanks. I think we will be fine if we survive this aweful 6 hour layover in MEX.

Passionate Eater

I miss you bad Kirk! Have a great time, and write a lot when you get back! ;)


Hi PE - Awww geeez...thanks. I´ll do my best.

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