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Sunday, 19 April 2009


Hannah J

Thanks for the info on the spring festival! I finally tried takoyaki (yum!) and cooled down with some shaved peach ice. YUM!

I actually took a trip down to Sandwich Emporium cause I heard it was too good to pass up. I was a little disappointed by my melt but I LOVED the hot pastrami sandwich! Since I'll be in the area more when I'm in college, I'll check it out again...!


Hi Hannah - My favorite sandwich is the Jersey Reuben....I like it maybe a bit too much, but not as much as the Missus loves Her sandwich. I'm glad you enjoyed the Spring Festival!


heyo, did you guys have that short stint of cold weather down there last week? man this heat wave came out of nowhere after that...
after my midterms this week, i'm going to treat myself some bahn's been way too long. and that cocteles looks GOOD...makes me want some ceviche too. maybe i'll get both haha.

btw, what does COMC mean?


Wow, everything looks amazing. I want one of those sandwiches! We went down to Coronado and were sweating like crazy!


Hi Sawyer - Yes we did...though it seems so long ago! I use the abbreviation to mean some photos I've had forever.... C(lear)O(ut the)M(emory)C(ard)!

Hi Sharon - I'm still sweating!!!


yes it was hot over here, 80.6F! what a great array of sandwiches! to the hot pot! but yes to ice cream in winter :)


It was already 71 degrees when I left the house at 7:30 this morning. It's suppose to get up ot 96 inland so I'm thankful I work closer to coast. :-)

Yum, Sichuan cold noodles. I could go for some right now.


yes it's hot here too for us, and I just want to point out to your missus that she is one lucky woman to have such a willing delivery service! We had sandwiches too last night...


Hi Kirk!
Well, to get our minds off the heat, we went to the Nijiya spring Festival. We caught the last 40 min of it. It was fun, so thanks for letting us know about that.

Masa Assassin

Hi Kirk, I really felt the the heat this weekend! I've been craving Birria de Chivo and we were going to make it but it was just to dang hot, perhaps next weekend. That picture of the cocktail at La Playita is Killing me. I have had La Playitas ceviche but, I have not tried the cocktails before, it looks sooo good.


Hi Kat - he-he-he...can you imagine eating that with temps over 90!

Hi Carol - Man did those noodles hit the spot.

Hi FH - I'll make sure to let her know! ;o)

Hi Lynnea - I'm glad you made it to the festival.

Hi MA - I just can't imagine slaving over a hot pot on a day like that.The Cocteles have it all over the Ceviche at La Playita.


Steamed egg. Sounds interesting and delish.


Hi Melissa - It's kind of a standard item at certain Korean Restaurants, that is sometimes included in the meal.


We were just at Yum Cha Cafe (no cooking dinner in this heat!) and I made a mental note to try out LV Sandwiches soon. Then I read this post. Now I'll have to try La Playita, too.


Hi Sandy - Yes, check out La Playita


I'm one of those that eat ice-cream in the middle of winter. I'll pass on the hot soup on a summer day though =)


Hi YY - of those, huh....

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