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Wednesday, 22 April 2009



been wanting some ceviche or cocteles for a good while now. hot weather now makes it sound even better too. nice pictures!


Thank goodness it's cooling down today and the rest of the week. Shoot, I'm hungry now looking at food pictures.


The shrimp looks so pale I hope it was atleast crunchy.I'm not a big fan of farmed seafood has a weird taste to it IMO.


First the coctele at La Playita from Kirk, now one from Palominos via Cathy. I can take a hint!


Can't believe the weather's so hot there...and it's only April! That shrimp looks mighty cooling though!


Hi, sawyer-It seemed to hit the spot.
Yes, it finally is cooler today, Carol. Foggy this morning even. Three days and none with humidity. We really should not complain.
The shrimp was fresh cooked and flash chilled, Billy. It has a good, sweet flavor and had a crunch. Just right.
Oh, Sandy, La Playita is more interesting, but only has 5 tables and 4 stools, no air conditioning a bit more of a drive for me. I know Palominos is good for my craving.
Hello again, Su-Lin! It was jsut a few crazy days, and is unusual for this time of year, but each night it cools down considerably and is not intolerable. It is just something to talk about, like when we get 0.02 inches of rain-enough to make the dust on the car get messy, and something I *know* should not be complained about. Both meals hit the spot and the weather is back to normal.

Keahi Pelayo

We used to have a Palamino's in Honolulu. I wonder if they are related.

ed (from yuma)

Ummm campechana. Getting to be the weather for it. But you complain about 100 degrees??? That's barely hot :-)


Hi Cathy,
I feel cooler just looking at those pics. The last 2 days out here in north park were hi 80's. Its still too hot for me. I was kinda craving a steak, but not in this heat. Having tuna salad, with marinated artichoke hearts. Cheap and easy.
There are some good Mexican resturants in the Adams Ave./North Park area. The coctele looks great. Never had octopus before. May have to try it sometime. Thanks for the post and stay cool out there.


I know, I'm an ameteur, ed...

80/90 is nothing, Stephen. The tuna with artichoke hearts sounds good, cheap and easy, just like me! Oh the heat is getting to me... I will be blogging some places on Adams Ave soon...plenty of posts ahead.


mmm, that shrimp coctele sounds delicious! I always forget about that dish and end up craving it when it's cold out...


You can have it when you crave it, fh. There are no rules.

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