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Thursday, 23 April 2009



My brother-in-law was raving about Sonic in Las Vegas, so we tried the one in Anaheim once. I wasn't impressed with Sonic's hamburger, although a burger on Texas Toast sounds intriguing.

Thanks for the warning about the lines.


I remember the one down on 3rd St. in Chula Vista. I wondered what had happened to it.

Its odd how things like that have a hard time catching on in the South Bay. In and Out Burger seems to be an exception, though, I only know of the one in National City.

I expect the ones new ones to open in the East and North Counties will fair as well as the new Santee one will.


I've been wondering when these were opening up down here. I'll have to try Sonic. How does the burgers compare to In and Out?


It isn't the burger meat at all, Sandy. The Texas Toast makes it better. Really, its the beverages. Coconut shake...cherry limeade...

Oh good, someone else who remembers that one on the West Side. You know, MrM, Chula Vista is the second largest city in the county and has a unique demographic, that's for sure. The In-N-Out by Mile Of Cars is the farthest South location.

Nothing is like In-N-Out, Carol. In-N-Out has nothing frozen for one thing and the limited menu there makes the food taste different (and good) because it is all fresh (especially the fries -from fresh potatoes- so funny when someone says 'they taste different'.)


At Sonic, I remember thinking that burger-wise, In-N-Out was much better. I do remember the beverages were good, and that tater tots are a nice change from fries.

I'm almost certain that brother-in-law mentioned roller skaters at Sonic LV; the one in Anaheim didn't have them, much to my daughter's disappointment.


Hey Cathy - You wouldn´t believe how busy McDonald´s is here in Antigua! I haven´t eaten in a Sonic since Atlanta.....over 10 years ago.


Where will the other 5 locations be?


I've definitely heard that it's the drinks. And they look cool from the photos. This is neat! I wondered why there weren't any Sonics in SD.

I remember when Krispy Kreme opened on Clairemont Mesa Blvd many years ago. We waited in the drive through lane for an hour to get some donuts. Crazy!


Sandy-here was an article on the front page of the April 5 Union Tribune showing the car hops passing trays while on roller skates. Part of the job training in Santee. Great exercise.

You should *not* know anything about McDonald's in Antigua, Kirk...unless they have unusal side dishes...

Hi Brian- There is one planned in Vista for a summer opening and the other locations are still being researched as franchises in the county. I did see Sonic was a sponsor for SDSU athletics earlier this year and did not put it together until I saw the building starting in Santee.

Hello again, Caroline. The cherry stem is always tucked under the lid, so it is "floating" on top of your beverage. The limeades as well as the coconut shake are my particular cravings. I was one of those people waiting for a hot, fresh Krispy Kreme donut. But Mary's (in Santee) has always been my go to, since it is open 24/7.


There are good number of this burger place in north Dallas. They are popular among the kids and the teenagers crowd here where I am at. I am not into burgers like my kids are but the cherry float drink is refreshing under Texas summer heat.

The Office Goat

>You should *not* know anything >about McDonald's in Antigua, >Kirk...unless they have unusal >side dishes...

LOL, maybe it was next door to some seafood shack that Kirk was investigating?


Hi Dallas. The hot dogs and hamburgers are a throwback to the car hop days and that seems to be what Sonic concentrates on. Probably easier for them to have a more limited menu. I seem to be able to satisfy some sort of craving when I come here. I am sure I will be driving or walking up just for a beverage during hot summer days.

Hahahaha! You are probably right, TOG. Kirk would only venture into a foreign McD's if the menu was would I.


Hi Cathy,
I can't believe there was one in Chula Vista, and I didn't know about it. How long ago was it there? I grew up in Chula Vista, and Bonita, and I always used to go to the shopping center there before it was remodeled, and that was 30-something years ago. Chula Vista is strange as far as restaurants go. Seems like its mostly little fast food places. Bonita is even worse. The only really decent sit-down restaurant is Romescos which is great, but is more of a special occasion place. You have to go out to East Lake area to get decent restaurants. Right now, I couldn't even name a restaurant in Chula Vista if I had to. Umm, maybe the Butcher Shop?
Sorry, guess I rambled a bit. Thanks for the post.


On the East side of Third waaay South, Stephen. That was pretty much the only Chula Vista I knew. Telegraph Canyon was where you drove to see the cows. Bonita has a few places and Romesco's is one. I like that bakery and the Italian place more East. Chula Vista as some great hole in the wall places, mostly taco shop/mariscos. But I'll do something interesting from there. Soon. Not East Lake, either.

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