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Thursday, 16 April 2009



Hi Kathy. Hope you and the Mr. are feeling better. When you think of Der W, you definitely don't think fish stick. But if you think about it a bit, the hot dog bun is similar to the buns they use for lobster rolls back east. Nothing like a lobster roll, yum


lobster roll? That's nice to hear.

Faine G

Holy crap, I am amazed that that actually exists. They could probably create an adorable Fish Dog mascot...hmm....

Okay, maybe not.


Hi Stephen- I am much better, The Mister is getting there. Thanks.
I suppose if Der Schnitz was going to do some sort of fish thing, serving it on a hot dog bun makes sense. Lobster rolls would make Lent not a sacrifice at all for me...those buns are toasted, though.
Hey Ron- You can use canned lobster - less workand all the flavor. I'll do a recipe for lobster rolls. Soon.
Faine! Good to hear from you. It is an artistic challenge, isn't it?


Fillet o Fish Fridays! Yeah! I had some of those, too. Haven't seen the Der W's version. It reminds me of a Fillet o Fish sans cheese and stretched out. The picture looks better than the real thing. But then what fast food doesn't?

Glad you're back, Cathy!

ed (from Yuma)

Glad you are back - though that fishdog looks pretty scary.


Ah, welfare Fridays. How I doth did not miss thee.

You forgot to mention the free carp in the San Diego River. And the occasional dead bum that floats on by.

That'll male y'alls a big ole bucket of fish sticks.



Thanks, Carol. The lack of cheese (and it is only a half slice on the FoF) may be part of the flavor difference. The amount of fish is more I think. I had to wait 4 minutes for them to cook it.
Thank you too, ed. That picture is kind of scary-and why I had to try it.
Oh, I am sure you could blog in a more exquisite way than I do about the food you eat, Dobbson. You seem to be quite the NetScribe. We'd welcome you to help us out on the blog.

The Office Goat

I had grasshoppers at El Tejate last Friday ... those are okay during lent, right?


I like McDonalds Filet-O-Fish, so I was inspired by your post to have one today. I don't think I've ever had the fish sandwich from Wendys or Jack, and I don't like the ones at Burger King or Carl's Jr. Maybe I'll have to check out Der Weinerschnitzel soon.


I'm glad someone like the Wendy's fish sandwich I thought I was the only one. The fish dog I wish I was still in OC to try it out. Awesome!


Sorry to hear you've had this weird cough 'n' spit thing going on, too.


Grasshoppers are not counted as meat, so OK for Lent, TOG. Stir fried or battered?
I know all the locations in the county that have FOF Friday year round, Sandy. It's one of those cravings I can't kick.
Love that Wendy's Premium Fish Fillet, Bill. It really is a great sandwich. Quite large, too.
Thanks, Trent. I just want it gone.


The mention of lobster rolls... the eyes glaze over, and a dusty memory of having New England style split hotdog buns... the perfect split rolls that are grilled on the outside in butter before they pile in the still warm lobster, and then serve it in a cardboard sleeve. Yeah, we could use a place like that around here...


Stop it, mindless. Now I am drooling!

ed (from Yuma)

And grasshoppers are kosher I believe.


You are so much more worldly than I, ed. :)

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