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Saturday, 02 May 2009



Everytime I see a pate chaud I can only imagine how it tastes...I've only seen photos online! That one looks pretty good for $1!


good ol K's. would stop by here whenever in convoy to pick up one or two sandwiches to go. is there your favorite bahn mi place?


Hi Su-Lin- The crust is not unlike the spinach tart you had in Helsinki. Light and layered-there is a cross section photo in the link to my breakfast post. The filling is not spicy, just a ground pork, not breakfast sausage spicy.
Sawyer- I like grabbing a bahn mi when I go to 99Ranch at Sau Voy in the main area. I also go to Cafe Dore when in that part of town. I used to like the bahn mi at Ba Le, next to Vien Dong 2 (now Thuong Phat) on Linda Vista. I suppose I know where to grab something no matter what part of town I am in...


I live right down the street from here, but never stopped in. The outside lights look great. They look like a New Years fireworks display. Great review!


Stopping randomly can make the best posts for your food blog, Caleb. I need to take pictures of the building at night. Thanks for stopping by our little blog. Now, go to K Sandwich.

Bruce Levine

I strongly endorse K's hot milk coffee. It might be one of my favorite menu items of any sort in the entire city. Simple. Hot. Really, really good.


Hello and welcome to our blog, Bruce. Yes the hot milk coffee is prepared very consistently here. It really goes with the grilled pork banh mi, if I were to do a "pairing".

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