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Thursday, 09 April 2009



Yummm...dosas. I still remember the XXL dosas we used to get in Chicago at this place called Udupi Palace. Unfortunately for my waist line, I am hooked on Northern and Southern Indian cuisine. But fortunately, Annapurna's weekend buffet quality is taking a nosedive and we are going there less often.


Hi Kirk, I highly recommend their Chole Samosa. I can't get enough of it! But I'm the same where not everything at Surati Farsan is my cup of tea..


sev khamani, pav bahji, uttapam, pani puri, chai @ falludah are wonderful as is the special weekend obly mixed 'rice'


looks delicious :)


I'd have to agree - the dosas are excellent @ Surati. If you want to try another kind of dosa - go to Sitar (Sorrento Valley/Scranton Rd) and get the Rava Dosa. That is by far my favorite kind of dosa.

As for chaat, I recommend at least one of the puris and to kill 2 birds w/ one stone do the dahi sev puri (yogurt, fried 'noodley' bits, and the puff shell). Kachori and the cholle samosas are also very popular.


If I weren't such a meatatarian I'd go here so much more often. But I really like this joint. The gf and I asked for recommendations from the nice man behind the counter the first time we came here and he said to get the delhi chaat (among other things). I think that's how you spell it... It's got little crackers mixed in with yogurt and a green sauce (not minty) with some paprika, I think, on top. Now we can't go to Surati without getting it! Also the pani puri is pretty good. Empty, thin-walled fried balls with, um.. stuff, in them and you pour this sweet/spicy sauce they give you into them and enjoy!


oh dang now you have my craving dosas.... that does looks great, except for the sambar.


Second the Dahi Sev Puri. Our favorite!

Judy Lee

mmmm dosas... whats the best indian food you've had in this area? i'm still pretty stuck on punjabi tandoor in MM.


Oh I see this just when I have an Indian food craving hehe. I've never tried dosa before, I'll check it out!


I found the cholle (garbanzo stew of sorts) part of the cholle puri to be outstanding. Spicy, wonderfully complex, and a hint of umami (wonder if they use MSG?). The puris, on the other hand, are just ok, no where near as good as the fluffy giants at Vik's in Berkeley.


The chole samosa is definitely good. I also like their dhai vada.


Hi Liver - You know, I've been meaning to give Annapurna at try...I guess I need to visit before they hit rock bottom.

Hi Dennis - Thanks for the rec!

Hi Alex - Thanks.

Hi Kat - Yes, it's quite good.

Hi Cheesecheese - You know, I've never developed a real appreciation for Chaat.

Hi RT - Thanks for the recommendation.

Hi FH - The dosas are alway good here.

Hi Tilthouse - Thanks.

Hi Judy - I still prefer Punjabi Tandoor as well.

Hi Saint - Yes, by all means have a dosa...or two.

Hi lunacake - Thanks!

Hi SK - I guess we're going for the Chole Samosa.....

chef Rob

Surati Farsan rocks! I have eaten there many times since coming back to SD from working in Asia and it offers some of the best Indian food here in SD....way to go Kirk!



Hi Rob - Thanks!

Girl With Curious Hair

I've been away for too long--you've reviewed Surati Farsan AND Panjabi? Love them both. And yes, the Chole Samosas are lovely.

Happy travels!


Hi GWHD - Thanks


Hi Kirk,

I would recommend that the most consistent food that you can find at SF is the samosa and chole. That is all I eat out there. This the fist time at your blog.

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