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Thursday, 26 March 2009



Hmmm...what's your recipe for a "proper" spam sandwich Kirk? I think any spam sammy that I eat HAS to include a fried egg of some sort and some yoshita sauce and mayo. Is that gross?


looks good, would be interested in seeing a spam sandwich also :)


Just the third picture alone I knew this was going to be a fun post. IMO spam has to be pan fried or broil just to crisp it up like bacon otherwise it fails. I can't believe you consumed all that SPAM!!!!


Wow, that's a Spamwich with a whole lotta Spam. I'd try it but I'd have to agree that Spam needs to be pan fried to be a "superior sandwich".


Hi Kirk!
thanks for posting this. I walked by this place when they were in the process of opening and then suddenly the next time I walked by they were a fully functioning restaurant. I had been wondering if their sandwiches were any good.

Masa Assassin

Whiz and Spam haha your my hero :P

Passionate Eater

I love that you zeroed in on that Spam, but am disappointed that this Which Wich place did not offer gravy or eggs over easy as sandwich filling options!

ed (from Yuma)

With all the banh mi choices in San Diego, it's hard for me to excited by this place. I guess I just don't want to be wiched.


Hi Penny - Thinly sliced and crisp SPAM® Classic, fried egg crisp around the edges, a touch of mayo...on white bread.....

Hi Kat - A spam sandwich???? LOL!

Hi Billy - Waste not want not....didn't eat for a week after that sandwich.

Hi Carol - Yes, crisp spam!

Hi Lynnea - It's a fast-foodish, fast-casual sandwich onyl kind of place.

Hi MA - I guess I could've asked one of the guys behind the counter....Which one of you whizzed on my spam?

Hi PE - Now that would have been nice.

Hi Ed - But man does not live by Banh Mi alone!


You're awesome!!! You even know about "Che Xoi Nuoc." Will definitely let you know when my Mama makes some of those.


Ooops I just commented on the wrong post ;P


Hi YY - That would be great! I'm still waiting for those chicken wings! ;O) I think you got mesmerized by that spam sandwich....

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