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Tuesday, 03 March 2009


Hannah Johansen

This blog has really gotten me interested... in chicken feet!! However, whenever I go out for dim sum with friends, I only see jalapeno or pepper chicken feet. I really hate spicy stuff. Is there any sweet chicken feet recipes? Haha! : )


Hi Hannah - Welcome, and thanks for taking the time out to comment! Sweet chicken feet....I just can't help but laugh when I read that. Try out the chicken feet at Yum Cha's not very spicy...and really cheap $1.39! Que Huong has boneless chicken feet salad. I wasn't too thrilled, but you might like it:

I'll try to think of some other options! Thanks again for visiting!


Haha I also noticed some quirky when i dined there not so long ago. Some lady came in alone and wanted to sit in the corner of the restaurant (rather empty at the time). The waiters in an effort to keep the limited amount of patrons close asked her to sit near everyone else. She refused to despite their constant pleas.

It was funny watching it all go down.. struggle for power


I discussed it a bit when I blogged about Ba Ren, but the translation of 口水雞 poses an interesting problem. The common translation of *雞 is to translate the * as a single phrase and 雞 as chicken to get "something-chicken". However, for 口水雞, a character-by-character translation yields "mouth-water-chicken" => "mouthwatering chicken", which I imagine would be more appealing on an English menu. Then again, half the fun of the English menu is gawking at the translation. :)


interesting customer there, but for the most part, I'm glad the food was good!


U-R Funny- (last photo)I have yet to try "saliva chicken"

Which is better: Ba Ren, or Garden Spicy City? please elaborate if apropos

ed (from Yuma)

I'm sure missing SD food options. Thanks for keeping my mouth watering out here in the desert.

And yeah, that last photo is pretty cute.


Yup, the fork treatment and "I wouldn't like it" stink...and all thanks to clueless puddingheads who should have gone to PF Chang's.


Hi Clayfu - Sheesh, such a waste of energy.....

Hi Hao - I love those types of names for dishes...they add so much "color"....and more than a few chuckles along the way. BTW, have you seen Sam recently?

Hi Kat - Pretty decent food, good sized portions.

Hi Chris - I like the depth of flavor and heat at Ba Ren for that dish.

Hi Ed - You'll be able to get your fix soon, right?

Hi Jan - And thus starts the racial profiling.....too bad.


heehee, love that last picture! How about a shakka next time, bruddah? I've made a note to get the saliva chicken at Ba Ren next visit.


LOL Carol! chicken have thumbs? ;o)


Great post! Along with the last Spicy City post I kind of want to go there just for the, ahem, live entertainment... almost ;) I'm waiting for the "Turning Up The Heat: Ba Ren" edition!

Carol, Ba Ren's saliva chicken is deeeelicious! I've gone twice in the last two weeks and both times it was great, although one friend I went with said he thought it'd be better if it was served hot. But then it wouldn't quite be saliva chicken.


Thanks for the rec, RT! I'm thinking it would go nicely with the Sichuan Cold Noodles.


I love those names: spicy spicy and saliva chicken. what a funny menu!


Hi RT - That one is coming up. I hope you haven't gotten bored with all this Sichuan food.

Hi Carol - Along with a plate of cold dishes.....delici-yoso!

Hi FH - Adds color, doesn't it?

Hannah Johansen

Ive seen your posts on Yum Cha, I definitely wanna try it!

I love this blog! Its actually in my top links (I check it with my myspace, email etc) haha : )

Its just the best for seeing stuff in San Diego. I have gone to many places just because you reviewed it! Haha : D


Hi Hannah - I'm glad our blog has been of some use to you! Thanks again for the gracious and kind words.


I haven't been in the mood for sushi recently, so the last time I saw Sammy was a few weeks ago.

Bruce Tindall

Spicy City has a new menu that's mostly photos. There seem to be quite a few dishes that are not listed on the menu -- La Chao La ("Spicy & Spicy"), for example; we asked for it and they do still serve it. I think this dish must have bounced back because it was much better last night that the description from 2 years ago.


Hi Bruce - Sorry I missed your comment! Most restaurants of this type have dishes not on the menu.... I really need to start doing the rounds again once it gets a bit cooler! It's nice to hear from you and I hope all is well!

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