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Thursday, 12 March 2009



I don't know, I'm starting to think you just might be a mushroom soup junkie. ;)

I'm going to have to make some now!


Just stopped in to say hi.. found you through Passioonate Eater and am glad I did. I love all your photos. Awesome blog. It interests me to learn of and see other places I probably will never get to see.. Thank you.

ed (from Yuma)

Actually, Jan, I'm a shroom junkie. I still think about that bacon, tofu and 4 mushroom thing I had last time at Sakura. What was amazing about this soup was total porcinis. I din't even know you could get fresh porcinis in the US. The soup at the Better Half had a few porcini slices, but was mostly portebellos - hence its gray color.

Loved your blog too, donna. You are a wild woman and a cook! Both good things!

ed (from Yuma)

I should also say that some of the photos in this post suck. The Market is bright during the day, but becomes fine dining dark once the sun goes done.

Masa Assassin

Thanks Ed I enjoy your post from Yuma. Im always looking for places to hit in Yuma on my way to Puerto Penasco


how does one join the Munch Lunch Bunch? We'd love to join y'all on a lazy Friday. Today would've been a really good one because we would've had a sitter. We're still so new to the Yuma scene, and try to follow your reccs whenever we can. I think we'll have to visit The Market very soon...


Those are some very tasty-looking images, and I'm really intrigued by the interior decoration and lighting of the restaurant. Wish I could afford to try it out someday...

ed (from Yuma)

Hey, MA, I love your CH posts on SD and TJ. Glad you stop in Yuma once in a while. Be sure to hit Pupuseria Cabanas next time you come through (except on Thurs when its closed). You'll like.

micaela, the MLB is a small group of mostly AWC faculty that dates back to when 3 of us started at the college. At one point, it had a dozen people (or more) but that really limited where we could go because most places with 12 free seats on Fridays at lunch were places we didn't want to eat, so we have pruned membership back to a small group so we can hit tiny places. The Radisson visit was unusual. Nonetheless, I'd love to get some friends together with you and yours for a lunch someday.

yeah, rob, the place is spendy, but some of the lunches and small plates are affordable and worth the tariff.


hi ed
too bad i don't live in yuma. that mushroom soup you described sounds pretty awesome...


I think we need to charge Ed to get the recipe for that mushroom soup! ;-)

Jim P.  Radisson Hotel Yuma / Market Wine Bar Bistro

Thank you for your review. I am the owner of the Radisson Yuma and Market Wine Bar Bistro and we are committed to serving the finest cuisine in Yuma. We have a very accomplished Chef that is constantly improving our menu and striving for excellence. We only buy the highest quality products available and we want to provide the community with tremendous value. Please join us on Monday nights for Wine and Tapas from 4-7pm ($20.00 for five pairings) and our multi-course wine dinner in June. I have forwarded your site to our Chef Anthony Spinella, so the next time you are in, please introduce yourself and ask for one of his Chef's Specials (His Bone in Veal Chop is Awesome!!)



We had Christmas Dinner 2011 at The Market. It wasn't one of our finest dining experiences. We were seated and then forgotten. Finally a very nice young lady took over our table, even tho apparently is wasn't her station. The decor is great; the food was okay; the prices were too high. Holidays aren't a good day to review, probably. Our rack of lamb was tough - had to ask for a steak knife to cut it. Perhaps it was a rack of mutton? (BTW, the knife was not sharp!!!) The table next to us ordered prime rib and had to also ask for a steak knife. The soup and shrimp/scallops on the 'small plates' were excellent! The dessert - we both had spicy bread pudding - was terrific. The wines were all too pricey, in our estimation - run of the mill cabernets for over $50 in Yuma is a bit much - or $8 per glass. Might go back and try the Osso Bucco, but if that's not fantastic, it's too late.

ed (from Yuma)

Beth -- thanks for the comment. The last meals I had at the Radisson were OK. The date poppers (deep fried dates) were interesting, but cloying. The blt salad was tasty. We also had OK salmon and properly cooked halibut. An Oregon Pinot Gris was reasonably priced at $32. A meal with steak and a lamb shank was less impressive, but we did have a discount coupon. In addition, other reports I've been getting have corresponded to your experience. The restaurant at the Radisson was opened at the height of the boom, and it seems hard to keep good food coming out in this economic environment.

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