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Sunday, 15 March 2009



could those restaurants be raku and lotus of siam?


Hi Phi - You got it!

Masa Assassin

awww phi beat me to it, I recognize the strip mall (lotus of siam). Kirk have you had the Kao Soi Northern Lao Noodles? That's one of my favorites at LOS. Your not alone I never eat on the strip.


I feel very sad about Osaka Kitchen.. but an Okan type joint that is open for lunch I'll be all over.
Looking forward to your part-two Vegas post!


Yay! I'm excited for the Lotus of Siam post!! :D


Hi MA - Actually Kao Soi...Khao Soi is a Chiang Mai specialty....we tried it several times in Chiang Mai, I never really developed a taste for it. I've never had it at LOS, though. There are many great restaurants on the strip....but it's just not my kind of place.

Hi Dennis - I think you'll love Raku....I really do.

Hi Kathy - Too bad it's only one meal at LOS....


sorry to hear about those restaurants closing/renovating, can't wait to hear about the Vegas eats!


That strip mall looks familiar - seems like a pho joint is located there.


I've heard mixed reviews about Lotus of Siam. I've never been there, but I guess it's something I'd have to try for myself.

I've been meaning to tell you that I had Hawaiian cake noodles at a Chinese restaurant in LV. I think it fits the description that you've mentioned in the blog, but I have to say this version was pretty bland.

Thanks for the restaurant updates!


Funny you mentioned Chin's because we vowed this weekend that we would never, ever go to the Chin's in RB anymore. The food was horrible.


Hi Kat - I guess it's the economy.

Hi Billy - No Pho joint, but a Thai Restaurant(not LOS), and a smoke shop.

Hi Sandy - It depends on what you order...if you're ordering stuff like Wor Won Ton Mein, Pineapple Fried Rice...or eat at the lunch buffet, you get what you deserve.

Hi Carol - The Miramar location is the only one worthwhile to least IMHO.

Hi Kirk:

I really did not like Lotus of Siam much. It was OK, but nothing special. One of the Korean joints was good, and I have frequented Tokyo Japanese Restaurant there. Not super exciting, but good food at reasonable prices -- especially for Japanese food.

The Office Goat

>Who said all I ever ate were ?>bugs, snakes, raw beef, and >dumplings????

Hey, you forgot fish poo!


Hi Alan - I'm wondering what you ordered. My meals have been very good overall, though I've had a few dishes that were not up to you'll see in my post. But the food has always been good.

hahahaha....LOL ToG...yes, we can't forget fish poo, can we? ;o) You've made my day.....


I'm excited by the news of another Chin's opening on Convoy! Given the location, I would think this one will be similar to the one on Miramar. I can't believe I didn't see the sign myself, as I must have driven past a dozen times in the last week or so. Thanks for the news!


OMG!! I would so love for wa dining okan to get a bigger place. It's too bad when I can't even get in for dinner, cause it's too packed! How exciting :)

Faine G

I want photos! I've been lusting after Lotus of Siam for way too darn long.

I think us California natives naturally associate strip malls with awesome Asian food. Am I wrong?


Hi Kirbie - I hope you're right.

Hi Hannah - You'll have your wishes fulfilled if the news that I've received is correct.

Hi Faine - Yes, alongside your everything tastes better on a banana leaf theory, the stirp mall theory is 100% correct.


Yep Okan is taking that shop over, it will be the same (as Okan) but differnet haha.

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