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Monday, 30 March 2009



Hi Kirk, I was just thinking about Leilani's last week. I hope Island Style Cafe is doing well too. I just finished eating my fourth consecutive salad dinner. I must revisit them again soon! :)


Hey Kirk,

I went to Leilani's a few weeks ago and ordered what you had. It was very bland. Kinda sad for $10 =(


Hi Dennis - Well it sounds like you've earned your Loco!

Hi Clayfu - It wasn't always that way....strange. I need to hit up the PB location.....


both places look delicious!


Hi Kat - I was strangely disappointed in the loco moco from Leilani's......


Do Re Mi is pretty decent for the price, but it makes me miss Happy Meal at Zion Market (the new place isn't the same).

A co-worker and I frequent the Arirang House lunch buffer now. The potatoes there are pretty good too (all you can eat!).


Hey Denver - Funny you should mention Arirang, we sometimes go there for the lunch buffet, just to have panchan and rice.


Hi Kirk!

I've introduced my wife (not fiancee anymore as of last Saturday) to Leilani's and the Hilo-style loco moco gets her thumbs up. Too bad it was disappointing that time that you mention. Myself, I do prefer other things on their menu...


Hi Fred - Alright, major congrat's to you and (now) the Missus!


Hi Kirk! The Do Re Me Lunch special looks good and seems like a good price. I will have to try it sometime!


Hi Kirbie - If it's still $5.99, it's worth it.


Bad news. Me and the Mrs went to eat here on Sunday 06SEP and found a sign reading that the last day of business would be 25AUG. And I had driven up from Chulajuana for a good plate lunch.

And good news about Mo, yes?!?


Hi RCLC - Yes, it is good news about Mo's. Regarding Leilani, someone actually emailed me last week, and I drove over to check it out. A post is upcoming. I guess I should've done one earlier......

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