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Saturday, 28 March 2009



The breads and pastries at Valerios look great.
Bread is my achille's heel. Guess I'm gonna have to get their asap


the last are brave :)


Mmmm.... chrysalis (beondaegi) was my favorite snack growing up. We didn't really think of them as pupae, of course. They were just cheap salty and crunchy snack.


Anything filled with cream cheese sounds delish!

general fan

silkworm pupa, the pupa in the silk cocoon before becoming a moth.


Hi Stephen - If you like bread and rolls, you need to stop by Valerio's...make sure to pick up some pan de sal.

Hi Kat - Nah.....tasted like bug to me.

Hi NG - I had deep fried silk worm in Laos...they are really good.

Hi Melissa - Then you'll love htese.

Hi GF - Yep, that's what bondegi is.


You are brave eating "fish feed". I'm Korean and I won't touch that stuff. I wonder if my Mom would...

Love your blog; it's been quite useful in answering the question of "Where should we go eat?"

I have to ask, how do you get such nice pictures? Do you carry around a small camera with you? If so what do you use?


Hi Rosa - I think if the bondegi were live, then quickly fried you've love 'em....just like shoestring potatoes! These photos were taken with a Fuji Finepix F30. If you notice, I don't use a flash.....I don't like undue attention, and Fuji has a proprietary sensor that does a decent job. It's also small enough to fit in my pocket, and it goes everywhere with me.


those dumplings sound like and interesting combination of stuff and forgive my ignorance but is that a vietnamese dish? those cheeseballs sound like great fun, is that a filipino pastry then? and yes you are quite adventurous eating fish bait in your soup! Hey, I use an F20 (the cheaper less bells and whistles version), gotta love that fuji CCD.


Hi FH - Yes, that is a Vietnamese Dessert, and Filipino Cheeseballs.


Love this round stuff that made from rice flour.I know how to cook bilu-bilo i suddenly craving some ginataan.


Jollibee web site

Love this rice flour especially with coconut.This is one of my favorite filipino food.



Can anyone get the recipe for the cheese balls? I love their cheese balls but no longer live close to get them.

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