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Sunday, 01 March 2009



Those SJB you described were like the ones I made frozen from 99 Ranch recently Kirk.. Do you know if there is a dipping sauce specific to SJB?

Passionate Eater

Haha, I would just called it the "No English Name Chinese Place!"


Oh, that's funny about the older lady serving herself from the pass through window! In my twenties, I worked in a cafe with a guy like those servers. No matter how busy it got, he continued at the same speed, or lack thereof. He used to snack on pepitas. Do you think there might be some seed/speed connection?! ;)


Hi Dennis - The only place I've had sauce served is at Food Cabin. It was a soy-black vinegar-cilantro dipping sauce that was very good with the SJB.

Hi PE - Hah! Perfect description! ;o)

Hi Amy - I think you have something there! ;o) Gotta check to see if the servers are eating see what type of service we'll be getting!

Pepsi Monster

Hey Kirk,

The Chinese name on the banner is "Shanghai Little Eats", but business DBA name is Wok and Noodle which is the correct name you posted.

If you ever go back there again, try one of their clay bowl soup with egg dumplings. If you are into soup, that is pretty good. Their dumplings are ok, but there is reason why on it.

Anyway, glad you can try this Shanghai place before you head back home.


Hi PM - Yes, I know what the Chinese name is, that's why we tried some of their appetizers and dumplings. The prices here are really great. Thanks for the recommendation!

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