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Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Pepsi Monster

Hey Kirk,

Agreed with wifey on this one. It's good, but not that good. I do like Kyochon in certain ways, but if you are looking for chain BBQ, try out BBQ Chicken in K-town or Bon Chon. You should try out a Korean BBQ Chicken smack down and report back which of the Korean chain would win the best KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) title.

It's hotly contested right now in LA.

Wandering Chopsticks

That's what I felt. So pricey just for chicken wings. But oh, that slow burn on the spicy wings was so delicious.


I thought I saw this type of chicken fastfood inside a Korean market. Possibly Arirang market on Garden Grove Blvd.. Need to verify. For a guy from SD, you sure are travel a long way to get KFC.


Hi PM - I ate at BBQ Chicken in San Diego, and really didn't care for the flavor. I purposely kept the receipt, and withheld it until the Missus tried those wings....I wanted to see Her reaction.

Hi WC - Agreed.....$4.99 for 4 wings???

Hey Beach - Yes, similar type places are everywhere. But be warned it's not really fast food. Most of these places make the wings fresh, so it can take 15-20-25 minutes or more. We try to maximize our experiences when we do a road trip.


Ahh...the San Gabriel mountains. I work in a building on Sorrento Mesa that has a good view of the surrounding area. On really clear days I can see San Gorgonio, about 80 miles as the crow flies. On a REALLY clear day, just after the mountains get some snow, like a few weeks back, I can see the San Gabriel Mountains (~110 miles). That's pretty far!

And yikes! Quite a bill. Too bad you couldn't eat the bag! ;)


I guess if I'm in the area and see Kyochon, I'll have to give it a try despite the B rating and the price!

I wasn't that impressed by BBQ Chicken in SD, either.


Ditto. Expensive alright. Maybe when the economy gets better I'll get me some is good though.

Pepsi Monster

Hey Kirk,

It's not the same thing in getting BBQ chicken from SD compared to either K-town or Buena Park. It's like comparing Daikokuya from Costa Mesa vs Little Tokyo & Monterey Park.

The reason I brought up Kyochon in K-town, instead of Rowland Heights was that the consistency is better in that part of the town than at Rowland Heights. The battle ground for KFC supremacy is in K-town.

The price is stiff, but when you down a few brew with those wings, it's oh so good. For me, BBQ Chicken in Buena Park is better, Kyochon in K-town gets the hype, but I have heard Hite Kwang Jiang, Bon Chon, and OB Bear are places to go for those KFC (Korean Fried Chicken).


Hi Jan - I forgot how really great the San Gabriel Mountains looked.

Hi Sandy - Yes, give it a try.

Hi Elmo - I agree...

Hi PM - So you've tried the BBQ Chicken outlet in San Diego? I'm not saying I disagree with you, and will give BBQ Chicken in Buena Park a try.....but I may still have the same opinion. I still haven't really bought into the chicken wing fad.....

Pepsi Monster

Hi Kirk,

I did tried BBQ Chicken in both Buena Park and K-town. Both were different in terms of breading and consistency. I'm not saying that you might changed your mind from your experience in San Diego, but it's may very well turn out that you might enjoy it from a different location.

If you say that you don't like the SD's BBQ Chicken, I'll take your word it. It definitely will be a difference comparing the SD to one (or maybe both) of the other two other franchise locations. Let's not forget about Irvine (I heard Irvine was worse than Buena Park though).


hmmmm, I'm still waiting for KFC up north, those wings look delicious


Good god PM - The breading was different? That's terrible franchise control....

Hi FH - It's only a matter of time.

Passionate Eater

That is nice to hear that though SD places are going out of business, there is construction and new businesses going up. I wish I could say that same for my mom's place (she lives in the Inland Empire). :(


For that price, I am glad they were good!


expensive, indeed. Is that also 12% sales taxes??


Hi PE - Actually this is Rowland Heights, in the LA area...but it is good to see that businesses are doing ok in the area.

Hi Kat - Yes, but the jury's still out...

Hi RONW - I believe Rowland Heights is %8.25 sales tax....and I think it's going up again! Lucky live Hawaii, no?

Passionate Eater

Oops, sorry about my brain fart Kirk. But, I just gave you an award, so please pick it up! I hope that makes up for my mistake.

Passionate Eater

Here it is! (Typepad did not detect my link.)


hi pe - thanks that's so sweet

Faine G

I wish we had some easily accessible kyochon in Sacramento, though hopefully at a lower price margin! Yeesh!

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