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Wednesday, 04 March 2009



OMG, those look amazingly fluffy and near bursting in hot soup goodness Kirk! The char on the bottom looks really great too. Drooling.. That's cute that now your entire family photographs their meals! ha. :)

kat better learn how to do all of this!!



I'd kill for a recipe!

IS the dough more like a risen dough than that of jiaozi?

My mom loves these buns too. Maybe I'll surprise her one day...

Passionate Eater

Wow, the Missus' parents are wonderful! Can you please tell them that I am their long lost child, and I would like some shengjian bao too? And I love that they have learned the food blogging ways of photographing food!


Hi Dennis - he-he-he....the whole mmm-yoso family now takes food photos!

Hi Kat - Yes, I'd better!

Hi Katie - SJB uses yeast. like mantou. Hopefully, i'll be able to put together a recipe when they visit.

Hi PE - Yes, they are wonderful. The Missus has been searching for Her long lost sister! ;o)


Boo, PE beat me to it. I love your in-laws. They need to adopt me and I've always wanted a sister. :-D Can't wait for your review (and recipe) for it!


My mother in law bribes me with food too ;-) She loves me.


Kirk, I would LOVE to have the recipe for those dumplings =) My god they look so good! I want to make these!


You lucky dog! My future mother-in-law makes a mean cornbread ;-)


Hi Carol - i'll do my best....

Hi Billy - Of course she does!

Hi Michelle - We can hardly wait.

Hi G - Ooooh cornbread....


Hi Kirk,
I work with your in-laws and they just brought those buns to work today. Let's just say they taste as good as they look! Your mother-in-law is an incredible cook! By the way, ever since I found out about your food blog, I've been addicted to checking it out. I really enjoy reading it! Thanks to you and your friends for writing it.


always nice to have royalty visit you.


Hi Elsie - Oooh, now we really can't wait until they visit! Thanks so much for the kind words, we're glad you enjoy visiting.

Hi RONW - LOL! They make me feel like royalty!

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