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Friday, 06 March 2009



I went to the Mekong too! Although a different part... I went to Xishuanbanna in south yunnan.

I rented a bike and biked across village to village and crossed the Mekong on a junk!

Anyways, I can definitely relate to the food! I had the dried yak too. I also had deep fried worm as well. They taste like french fries. I joke about it and like the yak and worms to Mekong's version of meat and potatoes.



I like all those scenery photos , especially the second one ! It's perspective view is fantastic !


man that bridge looks scary!


Hi Katie - Those deep fried worms taste great....folks who won't try them are missing out.

Hi bakeling - Thanks so much for the kind words.

Hi Kat - I think it was more us not being used to things.....little kids and old folks just cross right on over!

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