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Wednesday, 18 March 2009



thanks for the correction. i tried looking for that word too: izakaya...but now i know!

that mushroom dip looks really interesting...what kind of herbs/flavors did they use to make it? i'm going to have to start looking for some good thai places now around the area or further out...this is a place that i would def. like to try the next time i go out to vegas

Christine D.

*checking out their menu*
I better get serious about trying LOS. I've heard about it so many damn times...might as well go next time I'm in Vegas!

Masa Assassin

Great write-up Kirk! I hit LOS everytime in Vegas (I pass on the Mex in Nevada :P). Next time I will order the Koi Soi based on your great description and picture.

My only gripe at LOS is when I ordered my Som Tum they asked me what level, I told them "10 take me to Thailand" and the waiter didn't want to do it. Finally they served me but I think they toned it down. I didn't care for the Issan Sausage either.

Question...When can we start calling Sab E Lee SEL?


You can call Sab E Lee SEL when it gets to the quality of LOS. =P


eww rancid tasting sausage...not good. glad the rest of the meal was delicious.


Hi Sawyer - As a whole, most types of Northern Thai/Lao(jeows) have garlic and chilies as the backbone for flavor. I sensed a great deal of galangal...though couldn't find any pieces which heightened the heat.

Hi Christine - I hope you get the chance to check them out.....right after that gondola ride! ;o)

Hi MA - Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Do try the Koi Soi....even though we ordered everything "Thai Spicy" it all tasted (except for the Nam Prik) fairly mellow. Clayfu has a point....we can start calling it "SEL" when it starts getting written about on the National level.

Hi clayfu - LOL!

Hi Kat - Yes, everything else made that Issan Sausage fade into the background.


i like the XLB abbreviation, if only for the fact that i don't know how to actually pronounce the words!

as for chowhound, what about it do you miss? i have always found it to be a site with a horrible interface, poor search capabilities, and full of those types of people who call themselves 'foodies'. perhaps there was some glory days i missed.


Hi Dave - At it's best, CH was chock full of information about restaurants. I've had many great leads based on what was written on CH. Beyond all the technical issues, and before it became corporate, with sometimes rather arbitrary moderation, it was a great source of information. in the end, I'm looking for the meat, not the wrapper. LOS is a great example of this....before all of the Restaurant Death Watches, and San Diego Restaurants are terrible posts..... Did you know that Jonathan Gold was a frequent poster on CH? There are wonderful and slick sites with fantastic search capabilities, but very limited content...


Lovely post as always. I've never tried those dishes (except for the sausage). God bless my friends, but they seem to want to steer away from the exotics that I would normally order in a heartbeat. I need to go out and try them with someone like you or the Missus!

ed (from Yuma)

Great write up. Good to know LOS is still on its game. I need a trip to Vegas.

I do recommend the wines, but I find that I've done better when I let them pick the riesling for me rather than picking it myself. Both times I've asked them for a rec, the food/wine interface was remarkable. The time I chose off the list, not so much . . .


Reading this post makes me want to go to Vegas right now just to go to LOS! The crispy duck and Koi Soi look particularly mouth watering...


Been wanting to try this place and think now I will. Reviews are always good on this place. I have four other Thai main-stays I go to on the west-side of the Valley but next on the "go-to" list is Lotus of Siam, Komol and maybe Archi's.


Hmm, your review on LOS is going to be the reason for me to drag the Mister on a road trip to Vegas. That Koi Soi looks absolutely wonderful. And the duck, oh the duck!


Uh - it's always a bad idea to visit your site with an empty tummy. I'm just about to start licking my screen.


Hi Elmo - Anytime! You need to get those folks out of their comfort zone....they'll love what they find.

Hi Ed - Yep, it's still going strong.

Hi Kirbie - That Koi Soi was a work of art.

Hi Gwyn - You mean Archi's on Flamingo? It's really cheap, though I thought it was kinda Americanized..... Isn't Komol in the same strip mall as LOS?

Hi Carol - Must do a road trip...... lot's of good eats in Vegas!

Hi Jenn - I thought the same thing about your Naan post.... ;o)


It looks like Archi's has two other locations now; one on the west side and so close to where I live. Guess I haven't even noticed it-just so many food places here. Komol is in the same strip mall as LOS.

Wandering Chopsticks

You know, I think this post is the first time I saw pictures of the exterior and interior. From all the raves, I just thought it was a pretty ritzy restaurant. Funny that it's so ordinary looking. I think that makes the accolades seem even more special.


Hi Gwyn - The Missus and I noticed that there seemed to be a Thai Restaurant on every block!

Hi WC - Nothing ritzy about LOS, it's definitely a "strip mall" special.

Pepsi Monster

Hey Kirk,

Thanks for the great write up of this place. Since the owners of LOS were the original owners of Renu Nakorn. They taught and passed down some of the recipes to the current owners of RN.

I still want to check out LOS to see whether or not it is this "best Thai Restaurant in United States" claim is true. Oh of these days.


Hi PM - Yes, I know the history. I've been to Renu Nakorn, but not since the renovation. I don't know about you...but being the arbiter of whether a place is the "best xxxx in North America" is way beyond me.

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