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Tuesday, 17 March 2009



Wow you were right Kirk, I'm in love with this place! Like an Oyakodon that Sake Kamameshi was a salmon family effort! :) Looked like it could've fed a family too. I'm hungry again..


Hi Dennis - Somehow I just knew that this is your kind of place. I hope you're able to check it out soon.


that sounded like a lot of photo but all looked delicious!


Wow, the onigiri leftovers was a really nice touch! That stuff looked really good!


Maybe it's just me but I thought $109 for everything seems pretty reasonable.


And I thought the restroom at Oceanaire (SD) was impressive! :) $109 seems pretty reasonable to me too for that food, looks so good! We've spent way too much $$ on overpriced bad buffet food on the Strip before, never again...

Masa Assassin

Foie Gras Chawanmushi with Udon I am sooooooo their. I may have a trip coming soon, looks like I will have to break out of the mold of my regular stop LOS.


Hi Kat - Yes, most of it was tasty!

Hi Jan - For some reason, we enjoyed the rice in onigiri form, more than in the bowl!

Hi Carol - Yes, you're's not over priced. At the robata-yaki items are cheaper than Yakiydori!

Hi Lori - Ah, yes, you can admire the flower petals, and listen to the birds chirping......

Hi MA - Wait....the required LOS post is coming up! ;o)


hi kirk
all right, someone else who takes bathroom pictures! flower petals huh?

that salmon onigiri looks delicious!


Hi CC - Yep flower petals....birds singing, and all that good stuff!



I read that you are Japanese American. Do you speak Japanese and also do you get all specialties the foreigners don't know about?

I'm intimidated to go to these upscale Japanese restaurants. Personally, I prefer the mom and pop ramen/gyoza or sushi places...


Hi Jonathan - I don't speak Japanese, and everything I got here was on the menu. This is a very unintimidating restaurant, and everything is spelled out in English. The Servers here, at least Miki was awesome.


what a great looking meal, I didn't get the parent-child thing with the salmon kamameshi til I read Dennis's comment. Nice touch with the onigiri to go too, and nice prices too.


Hi FH - It's one of those places to check out in Vegas!

Shibuya Restaurants

Wow, that looks like quite the spread!

Excellent review, maybe it compares to restaurants over here.

Andy (美國土子)

Kirk are you a lefty?


Hi Andy - Why yes, I much as my Mom tried to "change me"....I guess I was too stubborn.

Andy (美國土子)

First time I've seen one of your post holding chops sticks =) cheers!


Andy - You're very observant!

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