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Friday, 20 March 2009



OK, i am laughing my ass off at what your Missus said about waiting for the diarrhea to set in because it was too cheap! hahaha


Hi Pam - She is adorable isn't she....


Hi Kirk! Thanks for the mention and I'm glad you favorably tried the lunches there. Hilarious anecdote about the Missus patiently awaiting Ceviche's Revenge! You know it's value if you expect an inevitable downside.


The missus is so funny! I would have gotten the pound of seafood looks delicious!


So in the end, did the missus go for... a run? Hahaa! The stuff was cheap probably because it's so fresh and it didn't have to travel very far to get to the fish market. =P


Thanks for doing a $5 Friday post. I've been a tad busy...


ha ha, i think like your wife! hopefully she didn't "suffer"!


Hi Kirk, I love the wrinkly bill. Looks very hard earned! :) By chance I've been lunching at El Pescador in LJ the past few days. They don't have a fryer there though (but then again Wahoo is just next door, ha). Definitely want to try out convoy sushi some time! I've also been wanting to try uni from Catalina Offshore and it's great to know I can easily pick up some there. Thanks for the post.


Hi Trent - No, thank you for the rec!

Hi Kat - She is a hoot, isn't she?

Hi Christine - No after effects. ;o) In fact, I had to pick up more ceviche for her today.

Hi Cathy - Folks have been missing your just something to hold your place for a while.

Hi CC - That's scary....

Hi Dennis - Getting uni from Catalina is probably still cheaper...but it's available here.


Great post! I usually associate $5 Fridays with creamed corn and baloney sandwiches, so this was a nice change! I'll be checking this out for sure.

Christine D.

Wow, that seafood mix sure beats the Long John Silvers I had on Friday! LOL @ the Missus. So, is she gonna have another ceviche today?


Hi Dobbson - OK...baloney sandwich coming up...just for you! ;o)

Hi Christine - Yes, I got her some ceviche yesterday. I think if this place served lunch on Sundays.......


lol! Thank goodness I wasn't drinking anything when I read the postscript! Okay, that lb of "fried" seafood hooked me. I'm making plans to stop by soon. (you know, wonder if The Missus' quote could be the next big Country hit? "Sitting around and waitin'...Seafood so cheap, dear to my heart...But must be something a missin', just waiting for the diarrhea to start..." (Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week.)

Passionate Eater

Instead of waiting for the diarrhea to start, I wish the Missus would have taken some Imodium AD for precautionary measures!


Hi Carol - Oh dear.....a country this post is complete. ;o)

Hi PE - That would have presented a whole 'nother set of problems!


Hi Kirk,

the place has changed into a Sushi place. The sign is different now (big SUSHI with small convoy sushi and fish market) and so is the interior, a modern hip place. So, the $5 lunches are no more and replaced with a different lunch special. There is still a Rainbow set for $5 (rainbow roll, salad, california roll) or fish and chips (fish and a couple of squid rings).

I didn't stick around too long but long enough to see the sushi chef wrapped 3 large ankimo with a saran wrap to cook later.


Hi Didi - Thanks for the heads-up. I was wondering about the construction that I saw a couple of months back.

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