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Wednesday, 11 February 2009



mmmmm....this post comes right at the time when I crave for a chicken pot pie! Something about it that calls for comfort food like spaghetti and meat balls =) Thanks Cathy!


For a second there, I thought there would be no picture of a pot pie. :-) Yum, love chicken pot pies. The liver looks pretty good too.


I forgot to say I hope your Mister feels better soon. And hopefully you won't catch the cold.


Hi Cathy, since you come here so often for their coconut cream pie, I assume it's good? =) I am a big fan of the coconut cream pie and any liver items, $7 for both, i am in!


Is this pie show related to the pie shop in OC? I'm starving.

the office goat

Do they have fried gizzards and hearts, too, or just livers? I always liked those chewier bits.


Hi Cathy. Thanks for the post. It's pretty near home, and the perfect place for comfort food.
I always get the pie dinner, and if I'm there on the right day, coconut cream pie. Even at $6.50 its a lot of food. Much better than McD where you'd pay the same.


Hi-and welcome- Michelle. The pot pie here is unique in that there are no fillers, just meat and gravy. Spaghetti and meatballs sounds like dinner tonight.

Hi Carol. I was looking at the other post and the photos looked so similar I almost did not put it in at all. I hope all of my Misters (Kirk included) get better. I don't have time for this you know.

You can see the slice of pie is not very large (that is a normal size fork), sha, but the fresh made flaky crust...and I suppose the filling is the canned Comstock one (which I can eat an entire can of, despite the fact that I don't crave sweets) but it is just a perfect amount of sweet to end the meal. By no means is this a fancy place nor does it claim to be. It is just consistently made comfort food.

I don't think it is a chain, bill, but if the place in OC makes the crusts and breads in house and daily, then that should help you satisfy a craving. It may have been started by someone who worked in the San Diego one and moved...

No, just livers, TOG. Did you call yourself a "pancake slut" in that comment about the Tierrasanta Hawaiian place?

Hi Stephen-It is a lot of food, even with the 'exhorbitant' price :) If it is not coconut cream pie day, I get the pumpkin nice to have when it isn't a holiday. I like the two crusted ones also...heck they are all good.


I ate there today on your recommendation. I had the pot pie with corn and whipped potatoes, while my companion had an open faced turkey sandwich.

We thought both were tasty. I found the pot pie different (in a good way) from others I've had, less rich and with much more poultry flavor.

I got the cherry pie and while I found the crust excellent, the filling was generic tasting. The coconut cream pie was another beast entirely, It was rich and fresh tasting with great coconut flavor.


Hi and welcome to this side of the blog, TOEM. I am so happy that you tried -and liked- the chicken pie here, as well as the dessert. The rolls, and both types of pie crusts are made in the store daily and I suppose the fact that the receipe has been the same for-like-ever...that consistency is so comforting as well as tasty to me.


Has anyone ever been able to duplicate the chicken pie? I live far away now and would love to be able to make it at home.


Is this shop connected in any way to the Fresno CA Chicken Pie Shop? The pot pies and sides look like they are similar, if not identical.


It has never franchised or branched out, other than to change locations within San Diego, Beth. The pies I guess aren't unique. The Chicken Pie shop in Arcadia makes similar pies also. The food is so good. Welcome to our blog.

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