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Saturday, 28 February 2009



Ooo, Kirk, what's the sweet with the yellow cracks showing day glo red beneath? I don't think I've had that one before. The orange mochi is deliciously familiar. Love Hogetsu!


everything looks so good and the places you ate at seem so homey because they recognize you :) I haven't eaten fro-yo in ages!


Hi Amy - If I recall, that one is all beans....white beans that have been colored and mixed with sugar. It's the Missus's favorite, She loves it with morning tea.

Hi Kat - Yes, that is the great thing with these mom-and-pop type shops.


Do try Pim's TFC recipe, it is wonderful! It may not be "the crispiest fried chicken ever", but my hubby and toddler both loved it. :)


hi kirk
dude you got namechecked in the reader (again)! good to see sab e lee getting business - their food beats any thai place in town.

i've got to try hogetsu's next time. i think they used to be next to utage. haven't eaten there in a long long time.

by the way, ba ren didn't give us that beans dessert last night. maybe because we weren't chinese, they gave us the crappy fortune cookies instead. i didn't realize it until later because something was "missing".


Hi Lori - Thanks for the rec.....I guess I'll go ahead and make it....though my waistline will surely suffer! ;o)

Hi CC - Oh my, you got "Gringo-ized". Something similar will happen at Shanghai City...instead of the pickles to start you're meal, you'll get fried won ton strips. I'm thinking, we need to go back, and get you properly introduced! Or maybe, they remember you saying it "tasted like snot". JJK! ;o) BTW, Utage is now Korean owned, they make stuff like Soon Tofu, as well as Japanese food.


That Green Coconut yogurt looks good. Is that its natural color? Most frozen yogurts taste too sweet for my palate, but I'm ready to experiment again.

Masa Assassin

Kirk, I was thinking about Sab e Lee today. It was a weekly stop for me back when they first opened. I went back last week after a hiatus and could not believe the crowd. I'm so happy for Kobe and gang the hard work is paying off.


Hi Kath - I don't think any of the colors are "natural" (except the plain...). But I think Yogurt Lounge's fro-yo is not as sweet, nor as milky as other versions. Give it a shot, maybe you'll like it!

Hi MA - Pretty amazing crowd, huh? BTW, have you tried the naked shrimp yet? I think you might like it.


It's been a few weeks since we've been to Sab-e-Lee. I'm so happy they are doing well because I want them around for a very long time. Guess I'll just have to go early.

Planning on making a trip down to Chula Vista for some goodies from Hogetsu Bakery this weekend. I think I'll pop over to Sab-e-lee for some take-out. :0)


Hi Carol - Yes, you'll need to tgo a bit early until the buzz dies down. Or call ahead for take-out!

Masa Assassin

Thanks for the tip Kirk I have not tried the naked shrimp.


hi kirk - yeah, you need to introduce me! i wasn't expecting those fortune cookies. i wanted the mucus dessert (aptly named by the capt.)!!!


Hi MA - Let me know what you think!

Hi CC - Will do next time.


Yogurt lounge is definitely a good choice if you want yogurt that is less milky. Another popular one is Yogurt World on Convoy. Also, if you are in the area, the new Tutti Frutti on La Jolla Village Dr is only $.33/oz, so you can actually get a nice sized yogurt for less than $4. I don't think their yogurt is that sweet either.


Thanks for the rec's Kirbie!


mmm, lotsa good looking food. those manju look like extraterrestrial nuggets glowing from within with deliciousness. I just tried a couple of the new froyos recently too, I like it much better than the old school sweet stuff with oreo bits.


Hi FH - Thanks....the Missus loves manju.


I'm another huge fan of Hogetsu. Just wanted to add that they make regular deliveries to Nijiya Market so you don't have to drive all the way down to CV to get your fix. =)


Hi Brent - Thanks for the reminder.....I'll still make the drive though. Mainly because the variety is larger in their little shop, and we always get "at least" a dozen. Also Nijiya tends to hold the manju past their prime.

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